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SOS: Slow leak from hull

Old 11-15-2020, 10:06 AM
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Default SOS: Slow leak from hull

I can't post pics until I have 10 post.
I bought this boat used and it's been running fine. I noticed a slow leak on the bottom of the hall what looks like an abrasion roughly 2x2 on the hull, I had it in the water briefly this past Saturday, for 3 hours last week end but we also had profuse rain from the remnants of the hurricane this past week. Need some guidance on how to dry it out and what the fix is. Also the long term prognosis. The boat is a 95 Key West 1720, there is no wood in the construction of the boat so that's a relief.
If there is a way I can send post or send pic please educate me.

Thanks in advance for you input.
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Default Posted picture for OP

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Wait I’m confused. You bought it looking like that?!? Of that happened at some point while on the water?

Doesn’t look like a small leak situation from the picture.
Old 11-15-2020, 01:46 PM
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An abrasion? Understatement of the year right there. Looks like its been dragged up rocks or concrete for a mile.
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Is this your first boat since arriving on this planet?
Old 11-15-2020, 01:52 PM
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That'll buff right out...
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Ask around your area for reputable fiberglass repair place being the boat there.

Based on your post I don’t think this is something you should do yourself.
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Looks like it either came off the trailer or had an epic grounding, but at least it's been like that a while
Nothing that a competent fiberglass repair guy can't handle, though.
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Have a reputable glass guy look at it and do not put it in the water until its repaired.
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Originally Posted by Baldilox01 View Post

Are you for real, Clark?
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Dayyyyymn son....whoever you bought the boat from did a half assed fix on a major problem. Best go have a reputable glass guy fix it before you have to activate your epirb your next trip out.
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To the OP; yeah that's a deep abrasion...don't worry about people jumping on you. Any new boater could have over looked that. Did you sea trial before you bought?

As was said, a good fiberglass shop should be able to repair that quite easily.
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C'mon guys, it's his first post and he's asking for help. This isn't a DIY fix. As others have said, this is a job for a professional glass guy. You want it done right.
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Yes it can be fixed. But will take full drying out, grinding out all bad fiberglass back to good glass. The damage could be greater than it seems on the surface. Then epoxy repair, with rebuilding that area of the boat. It must be done correctly!
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You have seen some serious stuff in your lifetime if you are calling that an abrasion.
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That slow leak in the hull is going to create a fast drain from your wallet
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If you're low on funds or don't really care what the outside would look like, simply cut into the deck where that spot is, grind to fresh fiberglass inside hull, and buy polyester resin and 1708 fiberglass and build up the hull from the inside, then repair the spot in the deck you cut into. Could also use epoxy. That is actually a cheap repair (< $50) and there is no need for a professional fiberglass guy (unless you need the outside to look good).

Just finishing rebuilding my boat now, and I knew absolutely nothing about fiberglass or resins 3 months ago. There's tutorials on youtube for everything nowadays and some very helpful people on this forum. PM me if you need help or explanations and I can walk you through it.
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It looks like it has been scraping on that roller support for many years
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