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Buying a used 300hp outboard

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Default Buying a used 300hp outboard

Hey guys, I just bought my first "real" boat, a 1995 Proline 25 cc. It came with a '98 Evinrude OceanPro that smokes like cheech and chong and inspires 0 confidence. I would love to put a new motor on there, but unfortunately, it's just not in the cards right now financially. I need some advice on what brand outboard is the best bet buying used. I really want to go 4stroke, as I feel like the HPDI is a risk. Coming from 2stroke jet skis, I know the slightest problem with fuel delivery means quick death to a cylinder. It appears that none of the HPDI outboards have a low fuel pressure warning or shut-off. Also, I hear they're louder. I'm really leaning toward 4stroke.

Anyway, I see lots of outboards out there with less than 1k hours. It is my understanding that a well maintained outboard can easily achieve hours in the 2000's. But there are some troubled ones to watch out for, like the yamahas of around the 2005 era, and their corrosion issues. What other such issues should I look out for in other brands or certain horsepower engines to shy away from? I know next to nothing about Verado, are they reliable? More/less fuel efficient than Yamaha/Suzuki? I would like to get as new of a motor as possible, but the best deals appear to be on motors between 2008 and 2012 in terms of price, hours, and age.

Also, I am very mechanically inclined. I've rebuilt countless engines and do all my own auto-repairs. Do these engines need to be rebuilt every so often, and if so, how far do you go? Just seals and bearings? Rings? Pistons? How about electronics, is any one brand more prone to age-related component failure than others? Are the electronic diagnostic tools to link up with the ECU expensive for the various brands? I've got the tools and space so I wouldn't mind changing a timing belt and doing some major preventative maintenance if it means I get a great deal. I do enjoy my garage time
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De carb the current carb’d pig and take your time....
if compressions still good a tune up and de carb may be all it needs for now .....
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Originally Posted by bgreene View Post
De carb the current carb’d pig and take your time....
if compressions still good a tune up and de carb may be all it needs for now .....
good advice right there. Dont be surprised if that ocean pro goes over 2000 hours. Now if you just want more modern, and less smoke well modern is the only way to go. As far as reliability those ocean pro's were bullet proof.
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Well, I think the ocean pro has had a tough life. The guy has been running it off an Aux tank he threw in the back of the boat. I think he got water in the main tank and probably ran it through that ocean pro. Good to know they're reliable. I know 0 about them. My main concern would be to test the VRO system. Haven't even checked compression yet, but the motor, once warmed up wouldn't stay running. Not sure the cause yet. I haven't had time to really get into it. I'm guessing bad gas in teh aux tank too.
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Only thing I'd add is careful on the weight... 2 strokes of days prior vs. today's 4 strokes are a major weight difference

If you want to wrench on it yourself, I'd stick with what you have because the modern 4 strokes really benefit from computer hookups and they aren't cheap.
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i have twin ocean pro's on my boat. I think the only thing you really gain by switching to a newer motor is less noise and less fuel/oil. Ocean pros are very reliable motors
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I'm in the same situation as you. I have a 97 Proline 251 with a 97 Ocean Runner 200. Looking at a possible re-power next year. Mine is sitting on a single bracket and swim platform sits a couple of inches out of the water when it's calm. Our boats were I believe designed to run on the outboards of the day when they were built. They were not anticipating either the weight or HP ratings of today's outboards. For instance a new 300 Suzuki would be the most economical choice for a repower but that adds almost 200 additional pounds to the stern and I'm not sure if that is a good idea. The new Mercury V8 300 HP only comes in at around 510 lbs. which sounds awesome until I start considering the price difference which from what I have seen looks to be in the neighborhood of $6-10K more than the Suzuki. That leaves us with used engines. I don't have a problem with 2 strokes. I would love the quiet smooth running of a modern 4 stroke but most on the used market will be heavier. I was thinking something along the lines of a used low hour 300 Optimax (if I can find one) which at around 510 lbs of 2 stroke power would push my boat really well and not break the bank. That being said I would probably be inclined to stay with my current Ocean Runner if it was not so under-powered for my boat. Cruise RPM's for me is around 4600 RPM's in calm water. Offshore the motor always works really hard. Other options I have considered would be an Optimax 250 and an OX66 250. My biggest achilles heel I think is the amount of floatation available in the tub of the single engine bracket.
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How to sell a blown outboard engine (Yamaha F350)?

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Thanks for that tip, this would have been an excellent opportunity, but unfortunately, I don't think my boat can hang that much weight off the back. It has a single bracket that appears to be rated for about 500lbs. It looks like I'm stuck wit V6s. I'd LOVE to entertain another such opportunity but only with a v6.
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Default outboard motor

Check with
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The previous owner probably used an aux tank because the boat’s fuel tank leaks.

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