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Pro Line 29' CC

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Default Pro Line 29' CC

Howdy, I was wondering if I could get some input of Pro line boats, in general, and specifically the 29' CC Grand Sport CC.

We are going up in size from a 256 Dusky CC and wanted to get some input on the ride, construction, things to look for etc.....where does Pro line sit compared to other boats. I know it's not a contender or regulator, I don't know a whole lot about them.

I'm looking at one in Naples that's loaded, one owner with twin 250 Verado with 600 hours. The boat checks all the boxes in terms what we're looking for. The thing looks like it's brand new according to the pictures.

Hoping the good folks here can provide some knowledge.
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I own 2 Pro-Lines. A '98 251 WA and a '06 24 Super Sport CC. Both are entirely wood free as is the boat you are looking at.
I have opined that PLs offer a lot of value and features for your money.
The PL website offers past year's brochures. If you you want to do more research.
Like any boat purchase, sea trial the ride and make your decision.
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My first boat was a 2001 ProLine 23 WA. Bought it in 2007 sold it in 2016 to my neighbor who then sold it in 2019. It got small as kids kept coming. ​​​​​​The hull gave me zero issues. None. Some hardware let go over time, but that I feel was standard. I even looked at other ProLine options before going with my current boat.
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You’ll get naysayers that say they are shit but if you go into knowing they are a mid level boat you’ll be happy. The rigging can be meh but the hulls are solid and every proline I’ve been on, including the 25 Sport I currently own, ride way better than you’d expect. If the price fits your budget I would go with it. The only downside is those Gen 1 verados. They had lower unit and some other issues.
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The 29 grand sport was a bit of an unusual boat. If I recall correctly it was based on their 29 express hull. Because of this it sits a bit high in the water, and with the high bow, they actually had to build in a step at the helm so you could see over. it has been a while but I think with the factory t-top it needed 10' (maybe more) of bridge clearance, which is fairly unusual for a CC of this size. If you search here I think you'll find a fair bit if info in the 2008-2011 timeframe on them.

These were remarkably poorly timed with the recession and not a great fit for their market. In 2010-2015 you could buy one dirt cheap. Like about the same price you're looking at today, for a 1-2 year old boat. I looked at a couple and ended up passing because of the height which would have been an issue for me, and I wasn't crazy about the helm step, but bang for the buck I think they were a good deal. The layout is your average family friendly CC, and honestly I think most stayed in pretty good condition because they were mostly bought as family CC cruisers, not hardcore fishing boats.

I owned a couple of pro-lines of the same vintage and they were well put together using quality materials. Pro-line changed a lot over the years and in general their 2007+ boats were good ones. I owned two 2008s and wouldn't hesitate to buy another. Oddly, the company has all but evaporated since then despite owning the florida market in the 1990s.

I'd say it's a what you see is what you get kind of boat. Definitely sea trial it and make sure you're happy with the ride with the load and conditions you expect. I only made it out on the ocean in one briefly, and my recollection is that the ride was okay but not amazing - there might have been some quirks but I honestly don't recall the specifics. If you're happy with the ride and price I woudln't say there's anything hidden in the boat to be concerned with - except resale value on that model isn't great and coupled with early-gen verados may suffer more.

Edit: Here you go, found my own thread on it from 2010. Note that seabob and mike carrigan were pro-line employees at the time, so obviously take their comments with a grain of salt: Proline 29 Grand Sport

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