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Boat wrap failure

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Originally Posted by Jessrausch View Post
We recently had our 2001 Mariah 302Z "professionally" wrapped. The installer used 5 ft vertical panels instead of one long horizontal panel, which left a total of 25 obvious and irregular seams. The design is amazing, the install is horrific. I sent a professional email expressing my dissatisfaction and no reply. Any suggestions?
Dang I would be super pissed off! Some of the guys on this forum are just a-holes and can't wait to tell you what you did wrong and how smart they are when doing anything. They are hard to ignore but you will get used to it if you stay on the forum long enough.

I had my Scarab Sport painted and I did the back round checks on the guy, saw pictures of his work, and called 2 people he did work for. Guess what.....he did a horrible job! I had to hand sand all of the paint off and hired another painter that was recommended by a friend of mine.....he f'ed it up just as bad! Paint started peeling off within a week of him painting it. He painted over the thru-hull's and actually painted over my ladder!! When I saw what he did I wanted to shoot him on site. He tried to fix it but it kept getting worse and worse. Wanted to sue him but found out the barn he used and all of his tools were his dad's stuff. The dude had no money and was actually living in his parents garage.

This happened years ago and 3 boats ago so I'm over it and can laugh about it. The funny part....the first dude that I hired said he had the boat totally prepped and he was ready to spray but his air compressor went out. I told him he could use mine no problem. He was at my house so I hooked up my air compressor for him and had to go back to work. About 20 minutes later he calls me and was yelling that I had to come back home and then hung up. I wondered WTF could have happened? Long story short he hooked the spray gun to my air compressor that was turned up all the way to probably 200PSI and when he pulled the trigger the whole end of the spray gun blew off and deposited black paint all over the boat, trailer, driveway, grass, and even got on my shed that was 30' away! When I got home I saw the black paint on everything and when I saw him I just started laughing, he had black paint all over him, looked like he got spray painted on purpose.

I feel your pain.....hoping it works out for you. I ended up selling my Scarab with the horrible paint job for $6K less than I was originally asking for it. I was just happy to get rid of it and was sick of hearing my wife nag me about it.

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I was at a sign company the other day and while waiting I looked through their pictures of work they had done. The work looked great in the pics. When I was leaving one of their company trucks they wrapped was parked next to me. What a shock at how bad the wrap on the van looked up close.

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