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Fishing trips still excite you ?

Old 09-25-2020, 12:56 PM
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Default Fishing trips still excite you ?

I have fished on other people's boats most of my 52 years and finally purchased a new to me boat last year. Despite all the motor issues I had with it, I was able to go a good bit of fresh water fishing out of it as well as a few days off the coast. I realized pretty quickly that as a captain, there is a lot of stuff to manage before the first line goes in the water. I didn't pay attention or realize that as a guest on someone else's boat. Despite the work it takes, I always get excited, nervous, etc. planning a day on the water and getting everything set up and ready for that pre dawn wake up call, even if it is just for a day of pleasure fishing for striper. It's easy to get excited about competing with others in a tournament ( US Open here we come ), but I am curious if others get excited about the everyday pleasure fishing trip that you have done many times, or is it just another day on the water for you ?
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I'm excited right now since the fan has been on for weeks here. 4am wake up call for my son. Nothing beats catching fish when you the captain.
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I'll get excited about fishing again maybe one day............when the jackbooted thugs who call themselves fishery managers............ decide I can go out for a day and actually keep a couple of the dozen or more fish I'm likely to catch. Not the whole dozen mind you, just a couple.

And yes I know they will let me do it now.......... but I'm talking about any of the 10 or so days a year I can manage to go and fit in between work and weather.
Not only on the 33rd day of months that end in the letter D.
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Thatís one of the reasons I love this so much, 56 years old and usually have trouble sleeping before. Looking for tarpon in AM, alarm will go of at 4 and I know I will be ready to go!
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Im like a 5 year old on Christmas morning when it's time to fish.

The boat launching and retrieving and cleaning definitely get old, but the fishing is nice.
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I donít know about excited but I certainly look forward to going and I get a little anxious when the weather is shaping up to killing the plans - what I really donít like is marginal weather so itís a shall-I-shanít-I couple of days before hand.
At least if itís a definite no-go, I can settle to the idea of not going.
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Alarms? What are these things you speak of? A beautiful, clear morning, when the flags aren't moving? I'll be finishing my third cup of coffee when you get out of bed and sitting in the fighting chair acting bored when you finally stumble down the dock!

If the smell and sounds of a dock full of battlewagons lighting the fires doesn't get your heart pounding, maybe booking a tee time is more your cup of tea. Now if those flags are standing straight out and it's the last day of the tournament, well, I might not be so enthusiastic, but I'll still be there. If it isn't a tournament, I might try and blame it on one of those alarm thingy's.
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Same as with hunting, if you donít get the some butterflies getting out itís time to hang it up.

Old 09-25-2020, 03:46 PM
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Heck ya.
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I quit fishing for about 10 years, let my boat die in my back yard, and spent my springs turkey hunting while the bass were up in the bay or bow hunting during the fall run. Now, it's bow season and at the age of 59 In feeling like a kid, excited to go togging in the AM with my 21CC. Nevermind that fishing was slow yesterday, tomorrow is a new day. I was really torn tonight, I still feel like grabbing my waders and surf rod, I think conditions are perfect right now for stripers, but I don't want to wear myself out tonight and be beat tomorrow.
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I alway have to take sleeping pills the night before fishing and sometimes that doesnít even work. I fish average once a week run my own boat and fish on other peopleís boats doesnt matter
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I fished hard for 20 years. Owned charter boats and ran to the Canyon 100’s of times. Now I don’t care one bit to go fishing. I have a DE and a Whaler and haven’t fished either boat. I did the same with flying. One day I just stopped and lost total interest. Weird with no explanation. I guess after a while it’s just the same thing over and over.
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Yes, it is an adventure. Heading offshore in the morning and have been texting and talking about it for days. I fish a lot, not only offshore but freshwater. To top it off got a text from my sister few hours ago with a pic of my mother weighing in bass at a Bass N Gals tournament back around 94. Was awesome!!!

Runs in my blood.
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Not as much as I used to but I really like being out on the water with my wife and watching her catch. She's hardcore.

I do all the rigging and driving and netting. God forbid a nice one breaks off at the boat when I don't net on the first try.
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I love it. Especially going offshore. After a bunch of years I still can’t sleep before those trips.
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I thought the OP was going the other way....absolutely get pumped. If you don’t, fish are the problem, your crew is
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Yeah, I don’t get as excited as I used to. That’s true about hunting too. There’s been some things in life that have done some permanent damage...has taken away some of the fun. But I still enjoy it to some degree, and am very certain getting out there is good for I still do it.
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Much prefer to captain my own boat blue water fishing as opposed to being a guest.
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If we are leaving the dock at 5 I am up at 3:00. If I am the captain I am up at 2:00. No alarm needed. Too excited to sleep. I was that way at 10 years old and am that way at 45 years old.

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I used to not be able to sleep thinking about everything involved in a trip and anticipating the big one. Now, I don't get excited at all until I'm on the water and get a hit. The big ones and the big ones missed keep me coming back.

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