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I LOVE my boat. How about You?

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Default I LOVE my boat. How about You?

Living in The Keys, I quickly realized that all I need is a smaller CC. So I sold my Convertible and haven't looked back.
As I am getting older, I have found that simplicity is the long as I am still comfortable. After owning this 22' Competition for 3 1/2 years, I find that I love it more and more. I feel lucky to have got in on a build right before Manny stopped building these little gems. For me personally, I have no desire to step up to a bigger size because I don't care about fishing in 20knt winds. I don't want multiple engines that push me 80mph. I can hook my E150 up and easily pull my rig up and down the Keys. I can easily fish alone, I can fish offshore, inshore and even run to the Bahamas when it's nice. I get around 3 mpg in a 2 ft chop running 33 mph at 3800 RPM's. Plus. it only costs me $125 to perform the yearly maintenance....which I can do right in my yard.
How 'bout you guys? Large or small? Simple or labor intensive? Shout out to those who LOVE there boats and have no desire to sell!!
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Completely understand. I grew up on boats 20í and under. Fast forward twenty something years and went to a 24í Express Cruiser. Sold it and moved to a 32í EC. Then to a 32í Convertible. Sold that a while later and bought a 20í CC. I miss the ability to overnight a couple of times a year, but love the reduced cost of ownership. Also much happier with the ease of maintenance, no slip fees, and ability to go anywhere I want to boat. Instead of spending $200-$400 a weekend in fuel, I spend $100 a month or less.

Would I buy another bigger boat sometime? Maybe. Will have to wait and see. Until then, long live the little boats!
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I have a 21ft Walkaround and itís just right for me. If I won the lottery Iíd commission my perfect boat - I might stretch it to 23ft and that would be it.
Ive been out for the day in much larger very expensive boats, and whilst it has been an enjoyable experience, itís made me realise I would hardly ever use a boat like that.
So going back to that lottery win, Iíd maybe charter a bigger boat for a week or two and just enjoy owning the smaller boat.
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Love my boat, yes I do.
Love my boat, how about you?

Sounds like a cheer.
Got any Pom Poms?
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Love my 18í DC Pioneer but would really like the 22í just to stretch the offshore capabilities. But the 18 does extremely well with a 90 hp Yammi, she does all that I ask of her.
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I really like my 242 Formula especially in 2’ waves.
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19ft MayCraft cc with Yamaha 115... Itís been a great boat but I do plan to go a little bigger. Would like to get in line with Pair Customs.
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Loved my old Hydra Sport but couldnít get me offshore enough.

Havenít had it long but so far I LOVE the new ride.
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Our 2006 KeyWest 268 Bluewater series was only made for a few years and was hard to find. I looked for ten months for one to pop up for sale in Florida...found it finally over 200 miles away. We too have come to love this boat!

Drove down, made the deal and a week later brought it sea! It has served us well. Easily towable behind my Tundra and gets us out to where we love to fish. 27' and a nice 9'8" beam. Lots of kevlar and foam in this model. Full flushable head that the wife will not live without. Upgraded to a Garmin 8281 and a Furuno FCV585. Just installed a Rhodan this winter. THAT is a gamechanger!

Rigged with a pair of Honda BF150's that have been very reliable. And thrifty...we regularly see 2 mpg avg fuel burn for a trip. So far in our six years of ownership, it has needed an alternator on one motor and nothing else other than service.

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Yep, I wouldn't trade mine for anything. If I won the lottery I'd just do some nice upgrades to it and keep on using it the way I do. Mine is a 26' walkaround, plus a huge swim deck and pulpit. Over the years it's been a great platform for fishing, long overnight cruising and watersports on the lake. It's big enough to do what I want, and small enough to trailer easily and take anywhere.
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I had a Ď93 27í Albemarle that was my single favorite possession in my life. If hurricane Ivan didnít take it, Iíd have asked it to be in my wedding. Donít love any boats Iíve owned since But enjoyed them all. Iíll have another 28 albie eventually.
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I have a 25 Bluewater that I just re-rigged and made better than new. Like you decided I did not need to go bigger, the size is perfect and have friends with bigger boats. No hole in my wallet for running and can keep up with the maintenance without killing myself. I have a 1520 Key West as the “little boat” for casual runs, towing on vacation, and kids boat.

I grew up with a 13 whaler running all over the keys and we caught more fished, had more fun with that boat than most will every have in anything else. My back won’t take that small boat and I do like some basic comfort and safety hence the 25 twin...but you idea is spot on. Bigger boats can mean less convenience, more headaches, more expense but not always more fun. Figure with the recent rigging work, have another 10-15 years before facing the same decision (barring the need for a new fuel tank that is sure to crop up) - I’ll be over 65 and will decide then
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We LOVE our boat, she's the biggest one we've had and checks all our boxes. In fact we love her so much we treated her to a new $5000 fuel tank this year .

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Very happy with my Grady 209 CC. Big enough and built well enough to get offshore, small enough to fit in my garage, tow with my Durango and take the kids tubing at the lake. I do about 60% saltwater and 40% fresh.

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I have had my boat nearly 12 years now. I cannot think of a better boat for my uses, both in the bay and ocean. I like the boat so much that I have since started representing the company after taking delivery of my boat. Heck I just repowered last fall to continue to run her...

It is very comfortable all fishing all year. Plenty of room out the weather, whether it is cold in the winter or hot as blazes in the sun in the summer. Still a big cockpit to fish 4 adults with light tackle. I can push with a single V6 outboard and trailer to the hot bites with a 1/2 ton truck. Wood Free construction means low maintenance too (more time to run trips)

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I've loved all my boats until I decided to upgrade each one.
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Carolina Cat 23CC all the boat Iíll ever need, love running this boat more than any Iíve owned.
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Most fun boat I have owned. Have easily spent more time working on it than out enjoying it. But I couldn't be happier with the restoration. It is fast, and easy on fuel. Taken it out camping in the everglades, and all around miami and the keys.

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Love my proline 170 good enough for the florida bay spanish mac run or to search for dolphin offshore trying to upgrade to a 21 footer no more than that.
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Mine is a bit different, but I wouldnít trade her. She does everything I want to and has taken my anywhere I have wanted to go.

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