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Bilge Pump?

Old 07-26-2020, 10:59 PM
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Default Bilge Pump?

we have a 2005 SeaRay 240SD and are thinking of putting a back-up bilge pump in it (since it sits in a slip for the season). Has anyone ever done this? Do you just splice into the existing bilge pump battery wires? Did you tie into the existing pump exit tubing on put in a new thru-hull?

Thanks for all the help in advance!
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My 2 cents. Completely separate wiring and bilge hose. Don’t want to pump back into existing bilge pump through hose. Plenty of electricity to both pumps
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Seperate everything hard wired to battery. I would only use a Y splitter if there was a back flow valve on each hose before the Y. (I hate making new holes in boats)
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Hello, as others have said, you cannot tie into existing wiring or plumbing, bilge pumps are a safety issue and the back up is whats called a redundant system, its independent of the other pumps installations. You will need to drill a new thru hull for the discharge, Sea Ray on that year probably used plastic thru hulls, I would recommend stainless steel or nickel plated brass, far stronger and less prone to cracking or being affected by the sun. The back up pump would usually have the float switch higher than the other one and maybe connected to an alarm for high bilge water. If the area is cramped in the bilge and it´s difficult to install another pump, you could use a diaphragm pump or impeller pump, mount it somewhere convenient and just install the hose and strainer in the bilge, you will still need a float switch though to activate the pump. Hope this helps.
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I use an electric bilge pump when boat is at my home. I just plug it in when I plug in my battery charger at dock. It automatically senses water and pumps it out when necessary. I ran the exhaust hose to the area that has the self bailing outlet in stern. Works great. I can give you the make and model if you are interested. I keep an extra bilge pump on the boat with battery clips and hose, just in case.
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2nd pump is smart!
Definitely all separate, independent wires. Don't want something that may cause the first pump to also take down the backup pump. (such as wiring gone bad).
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Doing research to add a second pump myself, but in my case for redundancy/protection when offshore. As others have said, completely separate wiring (ideally to two separate batteries) provides the most protection- some people are comfortable taking the negatives to a bus bar in the bilge, but if that negative fails you will lose both pumps. As to the "Y" most pump manufacturers recommend against a check valve- they inevitably clog from the gunk in bilges and fail.

While you are doing the work, consider a high water alarm- its cheap insurance, and what many consider the best float switch on the market (The Ultra Safety Senior) comes with one built in.
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Originally Posted by billybobbillybob View Post
My 2 cents. Completely separate wiring and bilge hose. Don’t want to pump back into existing bilge pump through hose. Plenty of electricity to both pumps
100% agree; everything should be separate and if you have multiple batteries I would even hook it to the other battery.

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