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Prowaterskiier24 06-01-2020 12:59 PM

Removing 50 year old carpet from 1973 SeaCraft bow gunnel
Hi, I have a 1973 Potter Built SeaCraft and recently parts of the carpet have been tearing away so I have made the decision to try and remove the carpet all together. I started to take it up and I was using some Bar Keepers Friend (my favorite soap) and some mineral spirits; The part that I've done has come out awesome the only problem it I spend about 20 minutes doing about 1 square foot and I'm scrubbing full force for that entire time. I was wondering if any of you have tips on how I should approach this differently to make it go faster and easier on my arms or any removal product suggestions. Thanks

TTaxi 06-02-2020 01:01 AM

I can't picture where Seacraft would ever have put carpet on the "bow gunwale" , .... but maybe someone added it in the anchor locker to cushion the ground tackle? ( I had a '78 SC Sceptre 23 which had hard to remove white monkey fur on the cabin sides and overhead. I just put a rubber mat with no adhesive in the bare anchor locker. )

Other removal possibilities might be judicious use of a heat gun , or maybe some of the caulk removers like BoatLife LifeCaulk Remover & Cleaner, BoatLife Release, 3M Products Specialty Adhesive Remover, DeBond, or acetone.

But I think part of the trick for most of these solvents except maybe acetone , but including your mineral spirits is to let it soak in and soften for an hour or so before you apply more labor with a putty knife or other removal device.

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