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debitron 08-31-2020 04:12 PM

Alaska Formula - yes - small world. I had Wagley's son (North Sound), build a cabin for me on my boat.

Alaska Formula 242SF 08-31-2020 05:50 PM

Very small world
It was the Pretrezelka Bros who fished off another herring skiff I had.
Its funny, but we were using Jack Plates / Brackets before they became fashionable: We ran out-boards on those skiffs and had them mounted on massive hydraulic brackets so we could jack them up as we loaded the boat. The skiffs were 32' and had 5 ' feet of free-board when empty. Loaded with 40,000 lbs though, a ripple could wash over the gunwale. Hence, to keep the motors above water we would jack them up. When jacked up there was little forward thrust, and because the props were then be above the bottom, in reverse there almost no reverse thrust. Made for an exiting youth. -Thx
PS- I heard the Petrezelka Bros are closing shop when they fish the next boat they are working on. Times change.

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