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Is it a Scam? Help Needed!! Please

Old 03-02-2020, 01:55 PM
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Default Is it a Scam? Help Needed!! Please

I know the adage, if it sounds too good to be true ...... I need the Hull Truths advice on this one. I have found a late model (2018) 24’ boat, twin 150 4s Yamaha 200 hrs. Divorce, wife gets boat, boat is for sale. Price is 19K, being held by a logistics company that will be handling the sale. I cannot find the holding company in BBB. Wire 19K, boat is delivered, you have seven days to accept or reject the sale. Money is held by logistics company until approved or rejected. If rejected seller pays trans costs for return of vessel to owner. World Shipping Safe Logistic is the holding company out of Minneapolis. Anyone have any experience with this company? Are they indeed legit, if so this deal is too good to pass up. I could flip it for three times initial cost if true but the scam meter is pegged. What advice might be used to smoke out a scam if it is indeed so? Titles are held by co. ,both are free and clear. I am going to call them to see if I can visit the location prior to purchase to see vessel, and then proceed if satisfied. What other measures might be put in place?
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anything is possible, but I'm somewhere above 99% sure its a scam.
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Old 03-02-2020, 01:58 PM
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do you really have to ask
you are willing to wire money to some company that you can not find?

Heck I will give you an account to wire 19k
I wont give you my name
I bet your chances are about the same
Old 03-02-2020, 02:00 PM
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This scam has been posted before......

There is a 100% chance you will lose your money if you proceed. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!
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100% scam.

That domain was registered this year. The address provided belongs to Delta Airlines' cargo facility at the MSP airport.
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Not a scam at all. You should send your money.
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Keep us in the loop. Should be interesting.
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One of the oldest Scams around. Where have You been hiding.
Old 03-02-2020, 03:10 PM
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This is why these scams work...
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Too late. I bought it this morning. Venice here I come!
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Yep. I have a house. $950k.
I’ll let it go for $75k.

just wire me the money and .......

total scam!!
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This is the city. Los Angeles, California.

Almost 4 million people work and play here. And like any other place anywhere...
there are those who have it and those who want it.
Those who have it, enjoy it... no matter how they got it. Those who want it, can get it by attempting to better themselves... in a sympathetic community populated by decent citizens cheering them on.
Or they can try to take it the easy way.
Because even in the City of Angels, from time to time, some halos slip.
That's where I come in.
I work here. I carry a badge.

It was Monday, March 1. A cool day in Los Angeles, with westerly winds... and light, scattered clouds at 3,000 feet.
I was working day watch out of Commercial Crimes Division, the boss is Captain Hearn.
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If you need to ask if its a scam, its a scam

But if its a deal you can't pass up let us know how it went!
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re-read your post and then tell us. of course it's a scam.
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I've not been scammed, and not saying it couldn't happen, but I think it happens waaaay more often than any of us think. I'm surprised on this site alone how many could get hoodwinked....
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I'm not sure if you're for real or real gullible. Call the lady that's selling a 50K - 100K for 19 grand, ask her out on a date or two, check out the boat in person, bang the crap out of her a couple of times, then leave the 19K on her table. Hitch up the boat to your truck and head home as quick as possible in case she finds out that she could have sold it for 25K. Don't forget to get it surveyed before you make any rash decisions as per THT rules. Truck towing your new boat should be at least a 3/4 ton diesel, trailer should have brakes on all four axels running 20" truck radials rated for 5600 lbs each tire. Keep us posted how this plays out for you.
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I don't understand how people continue to ask if these things are scams. YES, every thread that starts with "Is It a Scam?" is always a scam

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