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What do you use to carry papers/credentials on a small boat

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What do you use to carry papers/credentials on a small boat

Old 01-27-2020, 06:09 PM
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Default What do you use to carry papers/credentials on a small boat

I'm needing help finding a waterproof briefcase to carry papers and a weapon on a smaller boat. Boat has a cabin, but will get some saltwater spray/leaks sometimes. All plastic would be good, not looking to make a fashion statement. What do you use?
Old 01-27-2020, 06:12 PM
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Pelican box
Old 01-27-2020, 06:14 PM
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Goes in a bad inside my emergency flare box.
Old 01-27-2020, 07:03 PM
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RTIC makes a nice bag that is water proof (so does Yeti at twice the cost).

Old 01-27-2020, 07:10 PM
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edit: guess I should add, there’s a clear waterproof zipper pocket on the inside of the flap. Keep my registration, license, wallet, etc. in a ziplock bag inside of that pocket. Plenary of space in it for a first aid kit, flares, PLB, radio, a few snacks, and a pistol.

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Old 01-27-2020, 07:12 PM
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Registration gets laminated along with a copy of insurance cert. and a copy of my DL. Spare copies of registration are cheap, $2 or something from the DNR, so just order a new one if anything changes.
Old 01-27-2020, 07:15 PM
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zip loc inside a soft case.
Old 01-27-2020, 07:55 PM
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Put it in a zip-lock bag in one of these (Fedex/UPS shipping label pouch) stuck to the underside of your seat (or somewhere that doesn't get real wet):

Old 01-28-2020, 02:54 AM
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I wouldn't keep the papers and the weapon in the same location. I declared a weapon onboard when I got pulled by the Coast Guard. They made sure I stayed as far away from the weapon as I could on a 21' CC. It was in my radio box. When they started asking for my safety gear I had to answer Flares, by the pistol. Whistle, by the pistol. Fire ext, by the pistol. Life jackets, hanging from the T top, by the pistol. ID and registration, in my wallet sitting on top of the console. They let me grab my wallet so they could use my ID to do a background check that lasted 40 mins. They didn't even want to see my CCW.
Old 01-28-2020, 03:44 AM
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Originally Posted by cmor View Post
Pelican box
Old 01-28-2020, 05:33 AM
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I keep a binder with those plastic sleeve inserts.
Old 01-28-2020, 05:37 AM
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I have all my registrations, permits, and licenses in a small cigar tin.....which I keep in a 8" x10" baggie. Then I keep my 4" x 6" spiral log book in another 8 x 10" baggie along with charging cords, ear phone plugs etc. The registration stays stowed away until needed, the log and cords bag is handled daily.
Old 01-28-2020, 05:42 AM
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Dont laugh but Harbor Freight has just what you need.

The small one is very reasonable minus 20%

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Old 01-28-2020, 05:46 AM
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I like to vacuum seal my papers and put them in something that keeps them from disappearing, like a take-out soup container.
Old 01-28-2020, 06:54 AM
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“Small boat”? Empty washed out mayonnaise jar works fine, and not the $$$ of any Pelican case.

Sherwin Williams used to use plastic gallon paint pails that had screw on lids. They were great, toss the keys and wallet in there too for them to stay dry (and float if need be).
Old 01-28-2020, 07:35 AM
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Any sort of dry box. Here's what I use on my boats.

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002KEKOSM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002KEKOSM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Old 01-28-2020, 07:38 AM
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Zip lock bag inside a dry box
Old 01-28-2020, 07:42 AM
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I use a gallon size zip lock bag in the storage compartment inside the leaning post seat.
Old 01-28-2020, 07:57 AM
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I have two small plastic ammo boxes I use for both an open boat and our CC. Handles make it easy to clip a line to in case of an emergency roll over. One holds emergency chemicals, funnels & hoses and the older holds misc gear and papers. Still the papers are in a plastic bag for when they are removed. Cheaper than pelican.
Old 01-28-2020, 07:59 AM
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LOL. A freezer ziplock thrown in my semi waterproof toolbox/shitbox inside my console. Def not buying a whole separate drybox for some pieces of paper.

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