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Anyone have more than one boat?

Old 01-17-2020, 07:14 AM
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Default Anyone have more than one boat?

If so why?
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Yup... 28 foot center console and a 14' inflatable RIB.

I use the RIB (almost) everyday (in season) - its a very easy way to get on the water quickly and enjoy an hour or so. It also provides transportation to the "big" boat on the mooring.
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right now, yes. changing from 22 Privateer to 26 Dusky. Will eventually sell Privateer. No room to store 2 boats. BUT, if I did I'd have an offshore and a flats.

edit - didn't know we were counting kayaks...… add 2 kayaks and 1 sup to my list please.

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Yup. 24ft center console and two sit on top kayaks. Have to cover all the bases. lol
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Between my 72 year old father and I we have

43 Tiara - Multi week trips around New England
26 Grady White - Day fishing and island hopping
18 Donzi - go fast
15 Whaler Sport - my kids use and my mom and dad go for a ride to cool off whenever
10 Zodiac Zoom - tender

All serve a specific purpose and get used all summer and I get to fix all of them when they break.

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I have the Pursuit 25 walkaround for offshore, the Hewes 20LT for inside fishing and pulling my stone crab traps and a fishing kayak for when I pull my camper to the Keys and can't tow a boat. I could probably do everything with the Pursuit and Kayaks, but I always wanted a Hewes flats boat, so when I saw what I wanted for a good price, I jumped on it. I do about 150 hours a year on each boat, and no clue on hours on the Kayaks.
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I'll play, but I am sure people have more.

25ft Offshore boat to get to the canyons
20ft flats boat going through a restore at the moment
16ft fiberglass Mckee CC with removable duck blind for bigger water hunting and general don't care run it anywhere for inshore casting
14ft aluminum boat with long tail mud motor and duck blind made for the shallowest creeks
10ft aluminum for taking to a pond

and I look everyday to see what might be my next one to buy, but on the short want list at some point
pontoon with just a deck
houseboat to turn into floating duck camp
22ft center console for quick inshore bay fishing
37 Freeman
Old 01-17-2020, 07:26 AM
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Small center console
Small Express
The day and the duty dictates
Old 01-17-2020, 07:31 AM
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Our main boat is a 21.5’ Center console (2019 215XSF).

My first boat boat is a fiberglass dinghy that I bought thirty years ago at a yard sale. I fixed it up myself at age 17 and I still use it for fishing small lakes that don’t allow gas motors.

We bought three kayaks last year for the wife and kids, but they aren’t exactly what I would call a boat, more like water toys.

We are buying a piece of bayfront property next month and once we finish building I plan to buy some sort of boat that I can launch from the beach to put out a few crab traps, probably a dory of some sort.
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I have 17 right now,it's complicated.
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Not currently, but will likely be adding a pontoon/tri-toon to the fleet within the next few years. Nothing can be a toon for piling on folks to go to a raft up. Definitely won't replace my boat though, as they eat gas to run at equal speeds.
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3 boats
39’ Compmillennia (offshore)
24’ Pathfinder (inshore)
23’ Hurricane (cruising and pulling Skiers)
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One for offshore and one for inshore/booze cruising
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LOL to this question! I think a lot of us have boat issues

31 Fountain
28 Bertram
17 whaler
15 flats boat
12 foot aluminum lake boat
2 kayaks

Yes I know I have a problem but I enjoy my problem :-)
Old 01-17-2020, 07:41 AM
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Yeah, and I love them all

28' Albin TE
26 Shamrock Pilothouse
17 Whaler Montauk

One Is where I live, One is at my families vacation home, and One is easy to trailer around and check new places out

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It's a boat thing.

Need a mothership and a little what I call 'eff around' boat. The smaller ones are usually much more miles and smiles per gallon.
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Ol fishmaster and his queries...

I too am bored on a slow friday at work...

26' Tigercat X
22' dual console
16' bowrider
2- jet skis
laser sail boat
square stern canoe w trolling motor
3 kayaks
surf ski like Magnum PI raced.

Why? there is no rational answer...
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Yes. Two.

Large cc for longer pelagic runs. Bayboat for everything else.

Different applications.

Also the bayboat makes a great bait catcher
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Hydrasports 2150
Maine Mariner 17
Sears fiberglass 12' Ted William's flat button row boat. Dark green last I saw it with multiple colors of Bondo used for repairs. Someone decided about 12 years ago they would provide a better home for the gift my dad gave me in 1970 than I and stole it from my yard. If anyone sees her please let me know
thx in advance
that currently makes 2 boats and 1 kayak.
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23 Sea Hunt ultra
1902 Century Bay
14 foot Rogue skiff
16 foot war eagle aluminum duck boat.
17 foot canoe
2 Ocean Kayaks

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