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mpm87 11-13-2019 03:59 PM

grundens Herkules bib trousers 16
Hi all,

Just looking for some guidance and I apologize in advance for the dumb question I'm about to ask. I'm a big guy, and I bought my first pair of grundens Herkules bib trousers 16. They fit me ok, but are the legs supposed to be so wide at the bottom and so long? I'm basically stepping on them with my heels. Are you supposed to trim the bottom's? Again, I apologize for my stupidity!

jamesbfishin 11-13-2019 04:16 PM

The legs are wide so the fit over boots, adjust the shoulder straps so they don't hang down as low. Mine drag a little if I'm wearing sneakers but with my Muck boots they are fine

jbg108 11-13-2019 04:17 PM

Try tightening the straps so they are held higher up. I'm a 30 inseam and they fit me fine.

mpm87 11-13-2019 05:21 PM

Thanks for the replies guys. I adjusted the straps so they're a little better now. With the adjusting of the shoulder straps, I'm trying to walk the fine line of not having the leg openings under my heels or giving myself a friggin camel toe in the process!
Thanks again.


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