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Freezing temps/Boat still in water

Old 11-11-2019, 08:03 AM
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Default Freezing temps/Boat still in water

08 robalo 245 with twin yam 200's.
Have not pulled the boat yet because I just bought it and wanted to use it all I could. I plan on pulling it this coming weekend but temps are going be 20's overnight later in week. It's 60 right now. I winterized the fresh water system :sink, toilet,washdown. I was told by a friend to leave the engines down. Dont know if thats correct. after last use I flushed them and left the flush hoses disconnected for a few min after. Whats got me thinking is when I pulled it a couple of weeks ago with the motors trimmed up, some water came out of lower units when I trimmed them down on dry land. I put it right back in the water after changing the lower unit oil.
I could bonzai down to the ramp tonight after work and yank it out but it will be a mad dash in the dark and I don't know if that's necessary.

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Depends on the temps before the sun goes down. From 40's or high 30's to 20's overnight usually isn't enough time for a hard freeze. But I've made that mad dash more than once, piece of mind beats worrying about it
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it will be fine. just leave your engines up.
the problem with freezing temps is that large sheets of ice form on the water surface, they get smashed by wave action and wind blown ice pushes the smashed up sheets against boat hulls. enough pressure from large ice chunks and hulls pop like eggs when crushed against dock pilings. leave your lines slack enough to let the boat move around a bit in its slip but enough tightness so it doesnt reach the pilings and youre fine. it should be floating in the middle of your slip with some slack. the other issue is water freezing in the raw water cooling intake pipes or bilge etc which you dont have to worry about if you have winterized the system. dump a 1/4 gallon or so of windshield washer fluid into the bilge (the -40 stuff you get - i use rainx or any RV winterizing fluid) and that will stop any freezing. its rubber safe since its used in windshield washers so its good for bilge pumps as well.
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When you flushed the motors did you leave them down for a few minutes to drain? Clean fresh water from a hose freezes way faster then salt water. Ideally you will want to flush motor, disconnect hose and let drain for a few minutes then tilt up. The water left in the lower end will be salt so you will be fine. When you pull it out of the water for the season tilt the motors down to drain them for a few minutes and if you are storing on land outside leave them tilted down to protect prop shaft seal from ice build up.
Old 11-11-2019, 08:43 AM
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You will be fine, even if the temperatures go well below freezing. I am in NJ, maybe 40 miles from you and the water temps are still in the low 50's. We would have to see a solid week or more of 20 deg. temperatures for any ice to form. Outboard powerheads are self draining.

The striper fishing is red hot right now on this side of LI. Keep the boat in the water and enjoy the amazing fall fishing!
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Leave the motors down.

The water is still in the low 50s.

That "heat" will be transfered to the rest of the engine and also allow the block to drain.

Nothing will grow on it in the short time it will be in and you don't have to worry about freezing blocks just yet.
Old 11-11-2019, 08:50 AM
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Yes, leave the motors down not up. That allows any water in the motor to drain. It also puts the motor into water that is warmer then the outside temp.
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I wouldn't think twice about it. As mentioned water temps are still high, its a brief freeze, not sustained. OB's are running year round in Alaska, and even in your area. Certainly keeping the motors down in deep periods of cold makes sense. But this is not that.
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My only concern was engines. I know it would take weeks of sustained freezing temps to freeze the river im on. I feel better now, thanks for all the responses! I'd like to keep it in a little longer. have to do some bunk work on the trailer anyway. I'll put the engines down too.
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Yep, leave them trimmed down in the water for hard freezes. Nothing else needs to be done with an OB. Except Yammi 350's, they trap water in the block.

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