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thundra 11-01-2019 07:29 AM

Petit Vivid White, after 12 seasons in salt pond(yucky), with pics/trim tabs . . .
. . . I have to take the pics today or tomorrow, but I was scraping and bronze wire brushing some spots on my hull, where the Petit Vivid White has/had worn away or chipped away.

Overall, this paint has been a solid 10 on a 1-10 scale, just because for my hull that sits, on a dock, in a saltwater pond where the water stains horribly and turns the bottom an instant orange/brown, either a deft pressure washer wand, and light wipe with microfiber, sponge/brush and the Vivid White comes right back and season after season, for the past twelve, the bottom looks fantastic, white, while it sits on the trailer or the boat gets trailered around at the "edges" of the season where I can go out for haddock/pollock/mackerel and leave the boat in the street in front of mi casa.

Back to the spring of 2007. I could not come to terms with sanding my brand new hull bottom so I had opted for de-waxing the hull 2-3 times (This entire process was NOT fun and I'm glad that I probably will not ever need to do it all again, but the hull was dewaxed. I then used the Petit Skip sand primer and had followed the instructions to the letter, then put on 2 coats of Petit Vivid RED, and then 2-3 coats of the Vivid WHITE.

Any time I saw red, I would just touch that red spot/area-up. EZ. Thanks to suggestions here in THT way back when, like the fall of 2006 when I had started shopping new 23-26' CC's that were trailerable with dual axles.

Here it is, I spent under an hour yesterday taking a small, sharp, metal scraper to the spots where the paint has chipped off, followed by a brass wire brush, making sure to make enough scratches for the new coat of Vivid White to go on sometime this spring. Overall, there are not many places that has not stayed protected as I have not had any growth, either of the green-beard slime/algae, or barnacles. Just that the paint goes away and I just need to touch it all up once a season in the spring with a $90 quart of Vivid.

Plus, the hull looks great, white, or whatever shade it turns as none of the discoloration bothers me at all as overall, the hull looks as UNPAINTED as can be as compared to the usual black, blue or green bottom paints out there. Funny that I even care, but I sort of do.

Then the Bennett trim tabs. As hard as it was to paint the brand new bottom back in 2007. It was just as hard, if not harder, painting brand new trim tabs but, I have seen the consequences and they are NOT anywhere near pretty.

I will, be back . . .

thundra 11-01-2019 08:19 AM

The trim tabs(I made sure to take pictures while they were virgin, so I could look back on them like pictures of our newborns, and to look back fondly on once was and will never be again.) They needed this metal prep for the tabs followed by an orange coat of paint and then the same two coats of RED and two coats of WHITE.

The tabs have been odd and while I have not gotten much growth on them, the paint on the tabs has looked more like the moon than the hull but I just live with the looks of the moon knowing that the dimples are cosmetic and as there is very little water flow being interrupted by the bottoms of the tabs, I can look past all the blemishes. Pics will follow-sometime.

Oh bottom paint.

Oh yeah, I forgot the motor mount/pedestal-where the Verado is bolted to the glass bracket.

I think I had just sanded up to and a bit over the waterline and went with straight WHITE Vivid. As the pedestal is black, I didn't need a tracer-coat and Vivid is good for underwater metals as it has no copper or anything else that destroys metal. It is the toughest keeping the pedestal looking good as the twin tilt/trim rams have some hard to get at parts but a toothbrush sometimes needs to come out if I care about it being tinted orange/brown.

I'm one that would rather see the grime and do something about it than go with a dark paint, knowing that stuff is probably on the paint but not really caring as it cannot be seen.

offshore3144 11-01-2019 08:25 AM

Anxious to see the pics. I believe I remember back when you started this. I am going to remove whats left of my bottom paint this winter and Petit Vivid White, and Interlux VC Performance Epoxy are on the list.

thundra 11-01-2019 08:59 AM

It is pretty cool/neat, that you remember, from my way-back-in-the-day, time machine as I'm sure I had lots of questions about bottom paint back back then, the fall of 2005/spring of 2006.

It was fun, being able to spec out a new boat back then, and to think/look back on how it has all gone since then. It has really been nothing but great times since 2007.

I hope you'll let us know how your bottom paint removal goes and which Vivid/VC you go with.

The pics will be very underwhelming, but it is nice to see how well the entire hull has held up the past 12 seasons.

thundra 11-02-2019 11:36 AM

Finally, got a few minutes to take some pics, come inside, and post them up here. Prepare for underwhelmnation;

In the pictures, with the shade, the orange hue/glow, really shows. The bottom of this starboard-side trim tab looks great as compared with the portside trim tab. One can see the scabs on this starboard side, the side that almost never sees the dock but it is the side exposed to the wind/currents, could that be why it is more worn? I have no idea.

I just need to, maybe, just mayyyy-beeee, need to sand the red area, just a wee-bit, and hit it with a couple of coats, or three, to even the coverage all out.

Starboard side, with the pressure-scars from a 30 mph cruise?

The portside-bow area looks pretty darned good as does the entire portside of the hull, even though this is the side that is tied up to the dock. Is it more protected when tied to the dock?

Portside-aft, looks pretty darned good if you ask me. Just that the underside of that port trim tab . . . all pockmarked.

But, check out those sexy, new-ish S/S bunk brackets, sandwiching the cypress bunks, with firehose, held down by Monel. My trailer is sexy and I know it.

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