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New motor issues

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Default New motor issues

hey guys first post on here, I have a tohatsu maybe 2 months old and it ran perfect until two weeks ago, It ran perfect 5500 rpm and 32mph, I then took it out one day n it wouldnít jump up for why ever reason it would go to 4K rpm and then jump to 5500 rpm no acceleration. Next day took it out with a buddy n ran perfect, next trip started off having the same issue after 30min I deployed trim tabs and accelerated slowly and it solved the issue next day same thing the rest of the day both days no issues. Any ideas?
Old 10-26-2019, 12:32 PM
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HP and model # of the motor? Sounds like a fuel delivery issue to me.
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Two months old?

itís the dealerís problem - donít start investigating yourself or youíll give them reason to deny any warranty claim.
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Donít have model number off hand, Itís a 4 stroke 40 tohatsu, and Iím not gunna do anything major but if itís something dumb that Iím doing thatíd be good to know. Itís just wierd one day itíll do it the next it wonít and once I jump on plane with the tabs doesnít matter the rest of the day itís wierd to me
Old 10-26-2019, 02:48 PM
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Trim tabs and a 40 hp? Wow. What boat ?
do you have weeds in your area that may have fouled the prop at that time?
if the mounting hieght is pushing the high side it may blow out if starting trimmed too high.
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Maybe marginal power for boat, size, weight, load? Sounds like you have to coax it to plane, 5500 and 32 mph?
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I had a bit of trouble following your post.
Are you having this problem with or without extra passengers?

Do you have trim tabs or are you talking about trimming the motor itself?

is the prop ventilating? (cavitation)

what kind and size boat?
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Or is the hub of the prop slipping. We do need to know more. Type of boat, size of boat, weight of boat, number of crew, and approximate weight. Distribution of crew/weight. Tiller or wheel steered? What area? (elevation).
What is changing? Also is it possible you got some bad fuel (water in it?) What filter system do you have if any? Have you checked the filters under the cowl?
Old 10-26-2019, 03:42 PM
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Spun hub??
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Sorry itís an Ankona native suv 17,

Iíve had the problem solo and with another passenger,

I have trim tabs on it, trimming the motor hasnít done anything just trimming down tabs until it pops up on plane then the problem is solved for the day

boat weighs I believe 350lb, I have a yeti 35 with some gatorades and ice not sure how much that would weigh, and I weigh about 200lbs I donít take that much gear on me so I believe weight on that is marginal. It was working fine since I got it until maybe 4 trips ago.

Weeds are possible I havnt has a chance to check that. But is definitely on my radar.

I dont believe it is ventilating or cavitation simply because jumping up on plane with tabs corrects the issue so in theory the prop would be even skinnier at that point

water in fuel is possible, this is my first tohatsu so Iíd have to check the filter I havnt checked yet.

Could it be i I have to do the 20 hour oil change or service?

Motor is trimmed all the way down when this happens

I sit behind the console on the back hatches close to the platform/ motor

I tried to answer all the questions. It also has a 12 gallon tank under the front deck. The one day in between that it ran perfect from the beginning was a heavier passenger and not full fuel tank but I had topped off fuel every trip prior and after so it was always full regardless

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You need help but your post is incredibly cryptic.
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Originally Posted by Clinker View Post
Two months old?
itís the dealerís problem - donít start investigating yourself or youíll give them reason to deny any warranty claim.
What if it is bad gasoline? Or a boat related fuel supply issue? That would not be the dealer's problem.

I don't think any manufacturer is looking for a reason to deny a warranty claim. My experience has been that the motor makers lean on the side of the customer when in doubt.

But I would agree that the dealer should be brought into the loop. I suspect that he will be better at trouble shooting the problem up close and personal than us key board bull boys from a distance.

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