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Rhodan for 17 Mako...12v or 24v?

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Default Rhodan for 17 Mako...12v or 24v?

We are finishing up restoration of a Mako 17 and I am looking at trolling motors. I was wondering if the 12 V Roden trolling motor would be sufficient in most applications as I am trying to keep the boat as simple as possible. Anyone have any experience with their 12v? Says 55lbs thrust, wondering if that is sufficient. I know I can fit one battery in bow anchor locker and still stow an anchor and some line, for safety if nothing else, or if I have to go 24v and stuff two batteries up there. Thanks
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at 2 pounds thrust/ 100 pounds of boat/ motor/ gear... you'd be looking at 70 pounds of thrust necessary ( give or take). I think you will deplete that 12v 55 pound pretty quickly and wish you upgraded. Personally, I would committed to the 24v/ 80 pound Rhodan. As far as battery placement, 160 pounds of batteries in the anchor locker will change that hulls running attitude. Do you have trim tabs?
I would be looking hard at installing the batteries into the console / beneath the helm or another creative solution. Post some pics.
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If a 12v isnt even good for a 17ft boat why do they make it? So if mt tht math is rite 12v is good enough for a 14ft aluminum boat, 24v is good for up to 20ft and 36v is good up to a 37ft freeman?
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For comparison I have a 12 volt 55 lb MK terrova on a 18.5 Polar CC. About 1500 lbs w/115 tohatsu tldi. T-top. I got it mainly for spot lock which works great. It's barely enough to troll and fish if the wind picks up or current is strong. I really needed #70. 2 group 29 batteries can spot lock me all day. I went with 12 volt cause I wanted only one battery but ended up needing two anyways. Go with 24 volts.
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A 55 Rhodan should be good. Rhodan tests their motors differently than MK or MG. You can call them up and see what they say though.

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I have 18 ' flats boat with a 24 volt motor. In some currents it is barely enough but it is enough. I fished with a friend in 16 ' boat with 55 lbs 12 volt motor. The battery would not last a full day of fishing in a current. I would highly recommend a 24 volt motor. It will give adequate thrust and more than adequate battery life.
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Go for the 24 volt.

I have fished many times on a family member 17 ft Lund with a 12 volt motor. Basic trolling and GPS anchoring we would get maybe 3-4 hours out of it depending on wind and current.

A 24 volt will last 3x as long, since with the higher thrust you are not using as much power to achieve the same results.
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Originally Posted by davepjr71 View Post
A 55 Rhodan should be good. Rhodan tests their motors differently than MK or MG. You can call them up and see what they say though.
THIS! I have a 24v Rhodan on Sea Hunt Triton 240. That's 5,000lbs loaded ready to fish. I used the trolling motor this morning in a pretty strong wind on the Manatee River and it had no problem moving me along. Caught a nice tarpon hit the anchor button while I fought the fish. Once I was done hit the track button and was back to trolling the mangroves.

I also have a Key Largo 160 that has a Minn Kota 24v and if I put a Rhodan on that it would be the 12v.
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Call Rhodan and they are happy to discuss. They rate their motors through the life of the discharge, not at the peak of the charge like their competitors. Also Rhodan is an efficient motor. I had a 24 ft bay boat with a t top ,used a 24 volt Rhodan offshore and inshore and it worked great. I bought a second a Rhodan on another 24 ft bay boat and again went to a Rhodan 24 volt as it is plenty
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I have a 16' BW Dauntless and did the 80# MK Terrova. Glad I did. 55# would not have been enough the way I use the boat. Out in the bay and in wind and current sometimes even the 80 isn't enough to hold me in a spot.

If you are just going to be in protected flatwater 55 might be okay. Wind and current, go 80.

Also, if you are using it in any kind of chop get a longer shaft than you think you need or the prop will spend 1/2 its time out of the water.

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I have a 17 Foot Key West I had a 54 lb Thrust Motorguide Great White on it was barely Ok was lacking power in heavier Currents Now have a Xi5 24 volt 80 lb Thrust it's so much better I say go with a 24 volt for not only just the power 24 volt motors seem to run longer on a full charge compared to 12 volt ones
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^^^^ this
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24v. You won’t be happy with 12v.
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Rhodan makes very strong motors. They have great CS. I’d weigh the boat when complete and give them a call and go off their recommendation.

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