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Those that are saying a four month time frame to charge equals a poorly built case think of it from this side. Most agencies in SC use the SLED lab for blood test and lab work. So at the time of the collision the blood work is sent off. That can take awhile in SC. What if witnesses are in the hospital and are being given narcotics for pain that would interfere with a good interview, gotta wait on them for a complete investigation. Your victim could have been touch and go for four months and then passed away. You also have to wait on coroners reports and piles of other paperwork. Subpoena hospital records phone records and anything else pertinent to the case, and each case is different. Now you complete all of your paperwork and the grand jury just had their monthly meeting last week so all that paperwork sits for a month until the next grand jury convenes (sp?). Now why not just type up the affidavit and arrest them you ask? Your suspect may have already lawyered up and been talking with the solicitor or your command staff and worked out some sort of aggreement. Sometimes it takes four months to build a good case, but hey they could of done a poor investigation and only charged with the minimum. He would have payed the fine and now been free and clear of any additional more serious charges.

Or it could be a halfa$$ed investigation only a court date will tell.

Yes I have investigated fatal collisions in SC (on the road not the water) and they can take time to fully investigate so that a family(victims or suspects) does not feel robbed by the justice system.
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