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Boston Whaler 170 vs 190

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Default Boston Whaler 170 vs 190

Hi All, I currently own the newer redesigned Boston Whaler Montauk 170 and really enjoy the boat. It does however feel a bit small for the rough waters I run on the coast of Maine. I am considering trading in for a Montauk 190 which adds 2’ of length and about 9” of beam. Any opinions on if the 190 would realistically provide a significant upgrade in ride and capability over the 170? The trade in net would set me back an additional 26k when spec with T-top. Worth it? Any experience with the 190?
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I know nothing about these specific boats other than they are not offshore boats, yes bigger will be better but 2’ is negligible and not to forget about the 26k you’ll be in the hole, hang onto it for a bit or go upside down in something worth it 21-24’
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Owned a 170 and was around (and in) 190s a lot at work. The 190 is much more boat than the 170. Back in the day, people took the old Whalers out from protected areas. No doubt folks would consider this crazy now. Point being, these boats can handle quite a lot. But they are not good deep water boats. They will slap you silly and be wet. Great inshore boats. The 190 is pretty cool.
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It's my observation that a 23 gets you into a whole different level of performance.
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$26K of 2' Itus. Plus running costs!

I know that wave spacing on Our Lake, 2' is a major thing. 17' you ride down one wave into the next, 18'+ you'll ride 2 waves. My last boat, I skimped by 1/2' and stuffed the bow 5 times in 19 years. Scary Sheet.

Your choice, but your waters also Georgian Bay, I can imagine could get pretty nasty.
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Ben, go over to CONTINUOUSWAVE.COM Top Page and and ask the same question.
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