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Bullrun 08-17-2019 04:33 AM

BIL overdue out of Port Canaveral
Brother in law went out yesterday(Friday 8/16) out of PC around 11 am and as of now has not returned. Boat is a 2001 24' Robalo center console(FL 8086 LK). White hull, black t-top, single black mercury. CG conducting a search, but anyone heading out today please keep a look out.

airbrush 08-17-2019 04:35 AM


Bullrun 08-17-2019 04:42 AM

Not alone, two souls on board

Riptide 08-17-2019 04:54 AM

Any updates?

C3D 08-17-2019 05:01 AM

Prayers for his safe return.

texsranger 08-17-2019 05:24 AM

I was out yesterday from Sebastian and ran north, didnít see a single other boat out there. It was pretty snotty when the storms got close. A Big storm ran just north of me hopefully he didnít get caught in that. Hope they return safe.

Reel E 08-17-2019 07:03 AM

Any updates?
hoping for a safe return...

TheSweetDee 08-17-2019 07:21 AM

Hope they make it back safe and just had engine trouble.

acteg 08-17-2019 07:32 AM

Please keep us posted. I run out of Canaveral all the time. Praying for a safe return.

Bullrun 08-17-2019 07:48 AM

No updates yet. Hopefully just broken down and having some beers.

Thank you for all your prayers.

glenncal1 08-17-2019 08:19 AM

Fingers crossed, how bad was weather yesterday?

Snookyj 08-17-2019 09:51 AM

Please update when you can....prayers for both of them

Rundeep 08-17-2019 10:53 AM

Prayers sent!!

Fractured but whole 08-17-2019 10:59 AM

Looks like the CG has deployed assets in the search. Several boats, a C130, and a helicopter. Have faith that the CG will bring your BIL home.

Still Stoked 08-17-2019 11:00 AM

....Thinking of them. It could be ANY one of us...

alacrity 08-17-2019 11:08 AM

I am not familiar with the area. How far is the 8A reef from shore? did they have an EPIRB? was it stormy yesterday?

Hope they are found alive and well.

FloLife 08-17-2019 11:40 AM

Just a sug. More eyes the better. Prayers sent.

Bullrun 08-17-2019 12:09 PM

No news yet. No EPIRB unfortunately. Definitely have faith in the USCG

Thank you again for the prayers.

Maybe a mod could move it to the boating forum

General Disarray 08-17-2019 12:20 PM

Saw on man cave - prayers

airbrush 08-17-2019 01:15 PM

Prayers for the lost ones. Hope good news soon.

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