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Marina not keeping up the boat

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Short handed on boat washers? That is BS. You can go down to your local Home Depot and find a couple day laborers to wash boats. Hire a couple of high school kids for $8/hr. Poor management. You are paying for a service. That $4200 is supposed to pay for their employees. I’d demand a reduced fee/refund or find somewhere else to put the boat. Just a matter of time before they are short handed again and letting Joe Knucklehead drive the forklift with your boat on it.
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I paid nearly $5,000 per year to keep my boat in a dry stack at Cypress Cove Marina. Part of that cost was storing the trailer in a separate fenced yard for $50 per month. I got the same basic service as the OP, which is to say nothing. The boat would come out of the stack filthy from all the dust and bird droppings. Yeah, they seemed to roost on my boat...Fk'ers!!!

Solution was to find a secured storage shed close to home for about half the money. It's a big unit so all my gear gets stored there as well. Now I can see my boat pretty much anytime I want and can work on it at my leisure. Sure, the trailering part is a pain, but I have to make the drive one way or the other. And the boat gets washed after every use, although that part is by yours truly.
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Originally Posted by caseyrf View Post
$4200 is a substantial amount of money to put your boat under a roof soaking wet. i could have just hauled it home and let it sit in the driveway.

More than what I pay for a 28' indoors AND trailer storage..
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Originally Posted by flfJack View Post
$4200 a year for rack storage is not that much. That will get you storage for a 21’ boat around here tops and the marina staff would likely not put it out if it was on fire, let alone wash it or flush the motor. In short, do it yourself if you want it done right.
Dry stacking here for a boat that size $1100.00/Season. If I was paying $ 4200. 00 They better be detailing it once/month in addition to the services they are charging for.

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I’d ask for a new motor if they haven’t been flushing
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I'd be annoyed too. If it was part of the agreement I would expect them to keep up their end. I'm sure if you started paying them $3500 a year they would cite the contract and tell you to pay more.

Down here they scrub the bottom with each launch for free (included) and flush for extra $. They would never wash the whole boat. Also.... $18-$25/ft per month
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I gotta get in on the dry stack business. I might be too late as one just opened near me and they are adding another building.already
Service industry seems to be a gold mine these days.
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Please name the dry stack, or send it in a PM. Although I have an Idea, I would for like to know so I can avoid them in the future.
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I would be mad also, I am sure it is hard to put a value on the wash and flush part. They have a obligation to perform work and at least inform you if and when they can not perform work. Now not flushing here and there is not going to kill your motor, but are they going to step up and pay to have the cooling system cleaned or replaced if it corrodes or gets blockages, NO. Therefore it could be more than just not pretty.

I think I would tell them, short staff is there issue, Ask where their ads are trying to hire people and what rate they are paying, 15 hour? Then I would tell them what you expect for a credit unless they resolve issue. If you are really mad, Let some of your other rack stack ppl know what is going on and approach them in a calm but firm group expecting results.

Use the boat 1-2 times a week, Wash and flush 20 min. so they owe you $15.00 a week IMHO

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Wash above waterline and flush the engines might be in the contract, probably included in the contract. That’s how it’s been on the last 3 dry stacks I’ve been in. I pay $3900 annually for a 24’ boat. If they aren’t able to wash and flush for whatever reason I don’t get a refund. One of many reasons I have moved onto a lift. One marina in the Carolinas and 2 here in Florida.
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My limited experience with Marina’s has been awful. I think most of them are crooks who look at boat owners as rich people who are lazy. Not saying there are not some honest ones out there. I just haven’t found one. There needs to be some accountability. I work in a service industry. We thrive on customer satisfaction. Many boat owners are fenced in because the Marina has no competition in the immediate area so they can be like, “take it or leave it.”
I would tactfully suggest that the rate be adjusted if the full service isn’t provided and negotiate that rate. If enough people complain they will hire more people, complete the full service and your cost will sky rocket.
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4200 is cheap to store a boat IMO, but i'm on the northeast so my sense of scale is waaay out of whack. That's just what we pay her for April 1 to October 15.. Then comes winter storage prices

but if they said they would wash and flush your engines and are not doing it.. They owe you a refund
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The wash and flush is a major selling point for these boat storage facilities. Kind of strange that they claim to be chronically short-handed. I can understand being short handed on good mechanics...but literally anyone can hose down a boat and flush an engine. Why isn’t the manager getting out there and doing it? I can understand being short handed once or twice, but if this is their “norm”, then that is a management decision.
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$4200 is pretty reasonable, you say for $4200 you can hire a couple of teenagers for the summer. You're right but then who pays for the forklift & associated maintenance, the forklift operator, the insurance, the building, future repairs ect. Believe me that stuff is not cheap! Dont' get me wrong his answer for not flushing the motors is unacceptable.

In my marina I am responsible for cleaning the inside & they are responsible for cleaning the outside & flushing the motors. With that said if I have the time to have them put it in a rack and clean the whole boat myself & flush the motors, I do so. Reason being is then I am assured it it done & done to my satisfaction.

You are free to find another facility that will abide by their agreement to wash & flush the motors. Go by a couple of other marinas in the area sit & watch the guys working to see if they are doing what they should be. Once you find that facility check the price and take your business elsewhere.

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I guess I'm kind of funny but, I would never trust a marina to do the job properly in the first place. $4200 is a heck of a lot of money in my book but, I realize that is what you pay for that. I keep my boat on a trailer at my house. No HOA either so I'm good.
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Imagine when they’re short on forklift drivers. Guess where you’ll find your boat?
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marinas crashed in the last crash...but with the economy screaming...they’re now cash now. in many areas occupancy is 90+% .....look at your marina....any empty slots? probably not many...any other marinas nearby that would fight to earn your business? .... a sign of the times...”it was the best of was the worst of times...”
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Short handed means management is a Bunch of cheap bastards....or cash flow problems.

Either way not your problem. I hate rack storage.
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You can rasie hell and demand everything but they are not going to give you anything. Besides, it's like sending food back at a resturaunt after raising hell. Do you really want the high school drop out touching your boat after you've made such a fuss?

Exactly why my boat is not in rack storage. The best boat is one you can store at home or in your own shed near the water even if that means a major downsizing. The only thing to do is find other storage.

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Interesting read as i have a dry stack contract in front of me, which is offering the same service. It made me go look through and really the contract is mostly about the rules the TENANT must follow, nothing the other way around...Its a hair more than the OP, but it is indoors too.
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