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2 Stroke or 4 Stroke?!?

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Question 2 Stroke or 4 Stroke?!?

I'm not far from pulling the trigger on a new boat build. I'm really considering Reef Runner's new 230 Open, Three Piece Design. However I'm having a hard time deciding what motor or motors to go with. They currently have a few orders in on that model. One is for sure getting a pair of the new Evinrude three cylinder 150's. Part of me wants to wait and see how that does before I make my decision. I sea trialed their 230 Demo with a V8 Mercury Verado 300. It ran like a champ and the performance numbers are very impressive. But their last build had an Evinrude G2-250 H.O. and the performance numbers were right there with the Verado. And that's a 50 horse power difference! The G2 series are just as quiet and just as powerful as the 4 strokes, with a lot less maintenance. I do a lot of boating so the maintenance schedule alone on the G2 is a big factor for me. However the popular demand in South Florida is for 4 strokes. So please, if you don't mind, let me get some input from you people. And not just an answer. Please tell me why you choose your side. Thanks. Tight Lines!
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The resale of the 4 stroke will be better.
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It’s your money, ultimately only you can make the decision. Take cost, availability, proximity of dealerships into account and I don’t think you can make a wrong choice of those 2
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Although I am a fan of Evinrude, Go with whomever you can get the best after sale service. There are pros and cons for both types of engines.
Bottom line, go with what makes YOU comfortable. AND enjoy your new boat!
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The 4 stroke will probably have better resale value. Definitely take into consideration the availability of service locally.
I have a buddy with the new Evinrude on a 22' hydrasport..he loves it..great fuel economy, quiet and has plenty of power. Service locally for it isn't the best only one dealership and they don't have the greatest reputation...
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I have owned both and have no desire to go back to a 2 stroke because I got sick of adding 2 stroke oil every time I take the boat out. My last 2 stroke was an optimax and it was strong, efficient, but I had to add 1 gallon of $40 did oil every weekend. I did run 200+ miles a weekend, but my tank was in a odd spot and i could easily make a huge mess.

Yes, the 100 hour oil change is a little more work, but it’s easier than lower unit oil changes.
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I would go with the twin G2 150s. Twins for sure give the boat better balance and less prop slip. A 23 is the start of a big boat and really benefit from twins. The G2 have the oil tanks under the cowl and really use very little oil. I mean small amounts and filling it is nothing at all with the tank on the cowl. 4 stroke oil changes are not as easy as people say. Even with an evacuator it is still a time consuming job and you have to take the oil to the recycling center. I bet you will get the best performance and best fuel mileage with the G2 twin 150. Great warranty also. For some context, I own and run four four strokes and one g1 two stroke.
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I would say first and foremost go with who you can get the best service from locally. The new Merc V8s are rather intriguing.

I do like my G2 and have no regrets. The limited maintenance was a plus for me with the more limited boating season we have in the northeast and mid Atlantic. And since my boat is wet slipped adding some oil is more less of a hassle than having to pull the boat for oil changes.
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Originally Posted by sailingman View Post
The resale of the 4 stroke will be better.
tell that to the guys that have early yamaha 4 strokes
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Originally Posted by njk4o5 View Post
tell that to the guys that have early yamaha 4 strokes
I've got a 2008' Yamaha 115, I wouldn't trade for anything.

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Originally Posted by njk4o5 View Post
tell that to the guys that have early yamaha 4 strokes
Tell that to the guy that had early DI Evinrude's.
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2 stroke oil consumption is worth considering.
I run a Suzuki 300. Recently, I burned 114 gallons of fuel in 32 operating hours. That works out to 356 gallons per 100 hour oil change. I can perform an oil change in 15 minutes for about $40.
From what I have read here on THT, Evinrude oil runs $35-40 a gallon at 100:1. You are spending about $120 + per 100 hours. Some say real world is closer to 80:1. Which raises the oil cost to $144+ !
For my situation where I keep my boat on a lift and own a trailer, a 4 stroke makes more sense to me.
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I don't consider $100 worth of oil over a 100 hours of use to even be a consideration when choosing $25 to $50 thousand dollars worth of outboard motors.
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Default 4 Strokes are Nice and Quiet

Cant beat the newer 4 strokes. They have great power, great efficiency and are nearly silent!
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Originally Posted by NorthShoreFisher12 View Post
Cant beat the newer 4 strokes. They have great power, great efficiency and are nearly silent!
Except that you can beat them with a 2 stroke by getting more power and efficiency, while sacrificing idling decibels.
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to the op;
Your decision should not come from tht readers.

As you can see (and read in the many, many threads regarding this), a lot of people have strong opinions on both options.

Base your purchase in who will be servicing your engines. A shiny new engine with problems and no one to fix it is as good as expensive dead weight.

And yes, any brand today is reliable and you have the same chances of getting a lemon with any brand out there.

Good luck with your purchase. Those boats seem to be very well built.

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I think you need to decide if you want twins or not.
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Those new Mercs look nice, I have not been on a boat with one yet. I say if you like the G2 and you have a good dealer to service locally then your good to go. Reef Runner did a test with the 230 and a G2 250 HO. WOT they saw 53.6 mph burning 2.4 mpg. Cruised 4000 rpm at 34 mph burning 3.4 mpg. Cruised 40 mph burning 3.8 mpg. Those are some strong numbers and if you tested that boat let me ask you how was the noise level? how was the torque power getting out of the whole? Did you get to experience the power steering and smooth fly by wire controls?

I see no reason to get twins on a boat that size personally and it will only add to your maintenance schedule. (Although it would be nice to compare fuel burn #'s).

I guess another factor is cost. If you like the G2 I say go for it unless they are a lot more expensive for some reason. As far as resale, if you plan on keeping this boat for 5-10 years then I think it's a moot point. Also adding oil is SUPER easy. Literally takes 2 minutes, trim motor down, pop the top latch on motor, unscrew fill port, add oil.

Can you get the 10 year warranty now with the G2? If so I think that's a plus in the G2 column.
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Both motors are great motors....each have their advantages.
For us, the two stroke advantages outweighed the 4 stroke advantages and we had a good dealer in town.....
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buy the boat for you, not for what you think the next guy wants.

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