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Someone installed a home made splash guard for your notched transom. In that little boat, I can not see you venturing out past the inlet where the wind and waves can be less predictable. I don't think you have a problem with your set up. But, rather, you have to learn to run the boat to minimize your prop wash and water rushing the transom upon slowing down/ stopping. You can't be on plane and just come into neutral for two reasons: 1.) the obvious: you stated, the backwash comes over the transom.
But, something you have not mentioned and maybe haven't thought about:
2.) I never come off plane and drop into idle and allow my wake/ backsplash to come up to the transom. That back splash runs up the cowling and could potentially allow salt water into your motor's housing beneath the cowling causing premature corrosion.
Instead, when on plane, come off the throttle softly, slow the boat down slowly, watch your back splash. Often times you have to bump it in gear forward a little to outrun the backwash. Eventually, over a few seconds, the backwash will settle down and you can rest your boat back in the water. But, to come off plane and put it in neutral, MANY boats will have back wash come in contact w/ their cowling and have water come over the transom notch.
Just slow down, take it easy, slow and out run your propwash/ backwash.... it only take an extra 15 seconds.

Summary: I think your transom is fine. Just change the way you operate the boat.
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Agree with Bullshipper, I have a notched transom with the forward well wall higher never had a problem with water staying in the boat. We fish the reef all the time ( 45+ yrs ) and when its rough we will have water breaking into the boat. Most of the time what goes in comes out, Sometimes with a little help of hitting the throttle You need to be aware of your surroundings and have a plan. Now on yours 1-loose the starboard, blocking in the transom your boats is to low water has no place to go and 2-you have open holes leading into your bilge fix them before you use the boat again. If you want to close it that area I would add 2 starboard cleats just behind the forward well wall and have a piece of starboard or wood with reinforcement/backing cleats, so you can slide it in and out when needed. Look at old pics of SeaCraft and other to see what I mean.
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The hull is not fine.

Wave water can come in at any angle, not just the transom and with the hole where the cables are coming out would leak 100 gallons per min (850 lbs a minute) into a bilge with a bilge pump that onnly pumps out 15 gpm.

And filling the deck with a wave water held on the decks by that transom skirt would sink her anyways with the 1st or second wave, so forget about any bilge pump helping you.

The previous owner you bought this from sold you a death trap imo.
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