Suggestions on where to start?

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Default Suggestions on where to start?

Have a family member that has a 01 dusky with 2 df140 Suzukiís on it that want to sale it to me.
said it ran perfect 4 years ago then parked it, I have it with hopes of purchasing it, but it Iíll not attempt to crank over. I checked for power from brown wire at switch and it has 12 volts, this wire goes to the controller and then back out but does not have 12volts out, I connected the one with 12 volts to the one without and still no crank. Boat has 2 140ís on it and neither will turn over.

any help would be appreciated.
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put a wrench on the flywheel after removing the plugs. see if yhey'll manually turn.
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I can jump the starter solenoid and it spins.
just no power from the key. Also, should I hear the fuel pump?
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It may be simple - first, make absolutely positive it is in neutral. If still no go, then it could be either the ignition switch itself, the wiring to/from the switch, the neutral switch in the control, or perhaps the safety lanyard is not in place. If none of those easy solutions are it, start looking for voltage from the switch back to the starter.
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Weatherman pointed it out, but make sure you got the safety lanyard in place if you have a killswitch. Is there power to the rest of the boat?
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