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Prescription Sunglasses

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Default Prescription Sunglasses

Hi all,

I was all set to plop down $365 on a beautiful set of Oakleys when I <thankfully> read some reviews on this forum and others saying that the polycarbonate lenses and iridium coating scratches very easily. With Oakleys out of the equation can someone recommend prescription sunglasses that will hold up to fishing and boating where I can wipe saltwater off the lenses with my shirt without the lenses being scratched to hell? I'm looking to spend around $300-$350 and hoping whatever I get will last for a few years.

Appreciate any advice.
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I’ve been ordering my prescription glasses from Zenni Optical. I’m very tough on glasses - especially sun glasses on the boat or jet ski - and I have a very expensive prescription. So rather than pay $500+ for brand name sunglasses I pay $100 for them from Zenni. The optical quality is excellent.
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Costa through frames direct.
Own 3 pair of prescriptions and 5 regular.
Use your insurance hsa to buy it.
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Default You can still go Oakley

I buy Oakley frames (much less than glasses) and have America’s Best create and install the lenses. I know that other national chains also allow you to BYOL (bring your own lenses) to their store and they will fit them. That allowed me to customize the lenses, coatings, etc.
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I bought a pair of rx ray bans through frames direct saved 100$ , totally crap lenses, never again. Spoke to a opthemologist who said that best ones are costa and maui gym because they use authentic lenses and materials
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My new Zenni prescription sunglasses came in the mail yesterday. Will see how a $100 pair of glasses hold up.
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my $6 poly carbonate safety grasses are all i use, cheap, effective and i don`t cry if they go swimming or get scratched up when the grand kids. borrow them
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Originally Posted by 1breakinit View Post
my $6 poly carbonate safety grasses are all i use, cheap, effective and i don`t cry if they go swimming or get scratched up when the grand kids. borrow them
thats nice...but what does that have to do about the current thread?
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Be careful. Lots of these so called eyeglass shops will sell you a pair of brand name frames with cheap "coated" lenses. I've had several pairs of Costa's from an authorized dealer with brand name lenses for that very reason. My first pair of Costa's are still going strong after 15 years when properly cared for. My most resent pair (change of prescription) cost me $700. Mack daddy progressives but vision is critical in my opinion. Got mine through my optometrist.
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Maui Jim, buy once, cry once. My RX is progressive lenses. I tried Costas, they sucked like the rest of their products these days. Had a pair made and just never really liked them. Had Transition Sport lenses but they’re only 50% polarized and don’t darken enough. Finally bit the bullet and got the MJ’s. Fantastic set of glasses, they cost a lot but I’d do it again if something happened to them.
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Tough to get what your looking for in that price range
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prescription costa progressives are the best lenses that I have-expensive but good
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My wife and I both have Ray Ban's. She just picked up her new pair this week. The were right around $375, but she also got them with bifocals (which I think added $60) She also got them with rubberized frame, which I like.

I have had mine for 3 years( I have 2 pair, 1 amber, 1 smoke) and they have been thru the ringer and have held up well. We have been happy with them and I will probably get another pair when it's time . Good luck with your search.

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Originally Posted by gumpire View Post

thats nice...but what does that have to do about the current thread?
you ware your good prescription glasses when needed or underneath the cheap work safe safety sunnies , that is what it has to do with the thread.

but hey , if you insist on wearing $200 sunnies on your boat just to look flash ,if some reason they go overboard or get scratched up with salt and sand as have many of my sunnies ,then that`s your problem,

i`m just making a suggestion for a solution to how not to ruin a good expensive pair of prescription sunnies .
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Being an old guy I had the lenses in my eyes replaced courtesy of Medicare. That rendered my very high quality glass lens Maui Jims obsolete. I replaced them with the MJ plastic lens readers so I can read, tie knots, etc. I scratched a lens and discovered the dealer could use a "rebuild kit" including new lenses nose pieces and temples for relatively small money.
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No advice to give, just a funny story. My vision has been fading slowly with age, so a few years ago I got some prescription glasses. I also got some prescription sunglasses. I didn't wear either of them often, just when I needed to be able to see something clearly from afar. One day we were going by boat (Carolina Skiff) to an inlet where we would get out and set up camp on the beach. As we were going to the point, I noticed how much clearer everything was. When we got near the beach I was was watching the bottom to see if it was shallow enough for me to get out and pull it close to shore. When it looked shallow enough I stepped out and face planted into the water.

The glasses made everything so much clearer, that I thought we were in shallow water than we were. And when I stepped out, my foot didn't hit bottom when I expected it to so I fell over. It was funny, but was the last time I wore the prescription glasses to the beach.
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Another vote for zenni. I actually wear them more than my prescription costas! I have had to replace my Rx costas twice for the rubber delaminating. As for “seeing what’s out there”.....there is no difference.
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I got a pair of Maui Jims, RX but NOT cheap.

Costco for a pair of Shaquille glasses- 169 tint polarized etc...
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I use regular Salt Life sunglasses on the boat. Same pair for 3-4 years. They have ZEISS lenses. You can get prescriptions for them.
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You guys who pay full price should check out frames direct. I get new glasses and sunglasses every 2 years and pay around $200 a pair for ray bans with lenses.
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