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2013 Suzuki DF150 Questions

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Default 2013 Suzuki DF150 Questions

I purchased a 2013 Suzuki DF150 without controls about 2 months ago. The previous owner is a good friend who personally ran the outboard. It had set for about a year or so before I got it. It was the regular rotation engine from a pair on a boat used in brackish water in Southern La. He couldn’t remember the hours on the engine but thought they would be in the 400-500 range. I paid $2000 for the engine and it runs great on the hose. After hooking up to a digital gauge last night I found out the engine has almost 1200 hours on it. This isn’t a post asking if that’s considered a lot of hours or will it run fine because I know every engine is different. I would like to hear from other Suzuki DF owners what kind of hours y’all have on your engines and what issues you have experienced. Is there a one certain thing I need to make sure is ok or check? Any advice would be great because this is my first 4 stroke outboard. I’ve always been a 2 stroke owner and could never check the hours on the ones I bought. I’ve probably had 2 stroke motors with a Bazillion hours on it and never knew. Just ran em until they needed work, and I could do it cheap. That’s not the case with an engine like this. Thanks in advance!
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mine's a 2014 model, 400 hrs, no problems so far.
Check all 4 or 5 anodes in the motor block, clean out any debris or calcium that may be there. All the anodes sholuld be aluminium for brakish water, not zink.
The maintenance schedual says replace the Hp fuel filter after 5 yrs if I remember corrctly. thermostat could be taken out , just to check it all looks clean in there.
check the oil seal on the propshaft, otherwise I know of no specific df150 problems. I guess you'll be checking or replacing the plugs.
I use only the reccomended 10w-40 ( yamaha synthetic ) engine oil and the start ups and engine noises all seem to be normal.
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twin 2013s just passed 1500 hrs no issues on either
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Check the valve clearances. Suzuki requires this to be done after the first 200 hrs then every 600 IIRC. If they need adjusting (shims changed) get a dealer to do it because there is a special tool involved.

Suzuki puts together a 100hr service kit for all their motors that includes all the parts required to do a thorough service except engine and gear oil. Would be well worth getting the right kit for your motor and using all the parts required. I would also replace that HP fuel filter too.

Make sure you use a 10 micron water separating fuel filter between the tank and engine, these modern efi engines do not like dirty or watery fuel at all.

Also, make sure you use a good battery and keep all connections clean tight and dry - again, these Suzukis and most modern efi engines require good solid power otherwise they throw fault codes and run badly.

Drop the leg annually because the drive shaft can get stuck and if that happens its a big, expensive job to fix.

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