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1990 25 Contender Question

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Default 1990 25 Contender Question

I have 1990 25 bracketed contender and most of the screws holding down the deck under the console are stripped out. The screws holding down the deck and console are #14 x 1.5" Stainless sheet metal screws. I realize thru bolting would be ideal, however I do not have access to the underside of the bolts. Ive came to the conclusion my options are to fill the existing holes with epoxy and re-drill using the SAME screws, or the easiest option would be to move up to a 5/16" thick screw. I have seen the 1/4" stainless toggle bolts but they are around $40 for 6 (would cost about $500 just in toggles) and have terrible reviews so not leaning towards that option. Was wondering if anyone has any idea where I can source some 316 Stainless 5/16" thick Sheet Metal Screws with a phillips or allen countersunk or tapered head. Having a hard time locating them. I did find some in 18-8 stainless locally, however would like 316. Any help is greatly appreciated. Open to other ideas on how to fix aswell.

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Finding sheet metal that size is tough. I found plenty of machine screws that might work once you get them started, but they're $5 a piece and not sheet metal screws... ia/Thread%20Size=5/16"-18&Material=Stainless%20Steel&Grade=316&showAll=Di a/Thread%20Size&productFamilyId=21353
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DB Roberts
DB Roberts is an AS9120 / ISO9001:2015 registered company focused on fastener application solutions for sheet metal fabrication, metalworking and industrial electronics.
or Accurate Fasteners
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Bolt Depot has your current screws, in 316 like you want, for 54 cents a piece. Item #17028 here.
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I had a 1988 and had the same issues. Do it the right way by pulling the deck and filling the holes. It also gives you the opportunity to survey the fuel tank.
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If you have access to a fork lift you may be able to leave everything rigged and lift the console and deck together. It may give you enough space to block the console and deck up a few inches allowing you to fiberglass and re-enforce the stripped out holes.
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I have the same boat. I’d be wondering why they stripped out. I would fill the holes. There are products that are used for just your application. What’s the tank situation?
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I had a 1991 and when I replaced the fuel tank, I lifted the console and deck off.
The removable deck hatch sits on top of gutters, that are not supported underneath, so you can’t just pour epoxy into the holes; Added extra glass underneath and to holes to support the screws.
Set new screws with 3M 4000 sealant and then painted over them.

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