Looking for some suggestions

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Default Looking for some suggestions

I have a 2005 275hp mercury verado on a 2005 trophy pro wa. Put the boat in for my shake down run and she ran fine for about 5 minutes than started to buck and than stalled out. Felt like it ran out of gas. Started back up but just started bucking and stalled back out.
When I put it away for the winter I topped off the tank, replaced the filters, changed the oil and put sta-bil in the tank like every year. Didnít do anything major to it over the off season.
Going to take a look at it next weekend. Looking for some suggestions on some stuff to look for.
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Check to see if fuel vent is clogged could be sucking down the fuel ball and creating a vacuum in the fuel tank.

If it is stalling out, try to loosen the fuel cap and see if you hear some sucking noise. Then see if it starts running OK for a bit.

Just my .02. mud dobbers/ spiders can sometimes build homes in vent holes.
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Default Fsm

I would check the float switch in the FSM. It is plastic and can swell and either stick up or down. When it sticks down it and runs for too long I think you will see an error code on your smart gauges. When it sticks up it wonít pump fuel when the FSM is empty and the motor will run rough then die, but there is no code.

I had the issue on a pair of 2006 verados about two years ago. I replaced the float switch myself for less than $200 per switch. It does require taking the FSM apart. I recommend joining There were step by step directions there, and the members are very helpful.

good luck
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Maybe start by running it on a 6 gal separate tank to rule out fuel or delivery issues.
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Thanks for the suggestions. Been reading up on the fsm. That sounds like itís something worth looking into more.
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