Ugly Fish

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It is a Scorpion fish, also called a stone fish because it blends in with the bottom so well. We see them diving all the times and you have to be very aware of them. They are ambush predators that lay on/in the reef or rocky bottom and wait for unsuspecting prey to swim by. You can take your spear gun, lobster noose or whatever else you have and knock them around, they will not swim off. Have to be very careful of them when lobster hunting to make sure you don't put your hand on them, the venom is contained in the spines of the dorsal fin. The spines are very sharp and rigid and will pierce a leather glove like it wasn't even there. As someone stated earlier, if you catch one, I would just cut the line and avoid bringing it in the boat.
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Garden variety sculpin. We catch 'em all the time in the Sea of Cortez. Supposed to be good eating, but in my book somethings are just too damned ugly to eat!

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We call they hackle heads. The old man nextdoor to where i grew up on long island used to eat them, tails are all meat
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