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Default starboard

is there a glue to glue starboard with or is mechanical fasteners the best way to go?
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check 'Flex Tex' by marine-tex
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urethane sealant will work most times
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I used Gorilla glue , worked just fine however it does show
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That's a great question that we get all the time - In short, there are not any adhesives that we use and trust with King Starboard. Everything we fabricate is mechanically fastened.

Below is a quote from King Plastic (the manufacturers) article on working with King Starboard
Because King StarBoard® sheet products are designed to resist water and grime, they cannot be painted and the use of adhesives is not recommended. thats not to say that for a non-structural application where there is a large surface area being glued that you may have some success with adhesives. There obviously are some people doing with success as evident by the posts above. Adhesives certainly won't work on applications like butt joints or other small structural seams.

An alternative to both mechanical fasteners and adhesive is welding starboard. There are King Starboard welding rods available and we've done some Starboard welding in the past on some electronics storage boxes that had to be 100% water tight. Frankly though its tough to make welded Starboard look nice so its really only an option for hidden applications.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I'd love to hear how you end up using the Starboard and how it turns out!
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I created a small console for my 15' Classic Whaler completely out of 3/4" King Starboard. I agree that welding does not produce the most cosmetically pleasing results.

I used stainless steel screws as part of the construction. After only a few hours of use there was a catastrophic failure when some screws pulled out of the Starboard. I "renovated" the console and thru-bolted everything. I'd be very reluctant to use screws into starboard for any application that will be subjected to any pounding or vibration.
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Default Try Sudbury Elastomeric Sealant as Adhesive

Boat Outfitters has an elastomeric sealant that is a good adhesive for starboard (but not a structural fastener) . From the Boat Outfitter's site: "Sudbury elastomeric sealant adheres to Starboard much better than silicone. It is the recommended adhesive for sealing/waterproofing behind starboard frames on tackle boxes and doors. With that said, it is not a substitute for mechanical fasteners and should not be used as the only means of structurally adhering starboard." Good video clip on its use from Ship Shape TV right on the Boat Outfitter's product page:
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