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Default Boat Lifts - The Different Styles

I receive numerous phone calls from customers across the nation asking me which lift they need. Of course the answer varies from location to location. Up in the North I always recommend a free standing boat lift so it can be removed when the lake freezes over. If we travel South to the Gulf Coast the lift will vary from boat house, to a 4 piling top mounted lift or maybe even an elevator style lift. If youíre in the market for a boat lift you need to see what your neighbors have & even dive further into what the HOA will allow. In Texas the Corp of Engineers allows boat houses but in Florida thatís not allowed in most areas. In those situations youíll need a 4 piling aluminum top mounted lift or an elevators.

The key to buying a boat lift is talking to a company thatís diverse in their product line. The last thing you want is to deal with a local installer that only handles 1 style of lift when an entire different unit might be more applicable. Start with the style of boat lift your neighbor has & ask him/her if there are any restrictions. Once you settle on a particular style of lift, do your research on the different companies that offer that design. There a lot of companies out there like ours, the key is to look at the construction of the unit. Make sure the material thatís being used is big enough to not only raise the boat up & out of the water, but ensure that it can handle a shock load as well. Iíve seen several companies offer a lift at an economical price, & Iíve also seen those customers with a lift that has massive amounts of deflection in them (reference the picture below). Bottom line is to become an educated consumer when it comes to the equipment that lifts your boat up & out of the water. We know boat lifts are like buying tires, thereís nothing to get you fired up. But just like tires if you shop price without looking at the construction of the product, you can have series issues down the road.

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