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Default Yamaha outboard paint

Any suggestions on where I can buy paint to do some touch up work for my F250?
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Default Re: Yamaha outboard paint

Yamaha paint is made and distributed by Color Rite. The website link is

Your marine store can also order it from Tempo Products
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Default Re: Yamaha outboard paint

Color Rite?

If you like spray can "shake the can wuth a ball" ...junk that will not either match or last go to Color Rite!

I know not why Yamaha does not have a paint number or formula for a better professional paint than the cheap stuff from Color Rite brand that that Yamaha apparenty endorses.

There are a couple of us around here looking for a better solution for a better matching and harder finish than what can be delivered out of a shake and spray aresol caan.

The issue seems to be Yamaha.

I thiink PPG is the best solution and a more professsional metalic formula is posted here among the Hull Truth.

But you need compressor powered gun to do this at minimum.

The real problem is that Yamaha does not have a paint code that any professional shop can easily match or reference for professional grade paints.

See other references on this board regarding this and the search for matching Yamaha paint that has durability/longevity.

From what I have seen on this board the shake can by Color Rite is not the solution, but still endorsed by Yamaha.

Yamaha can do better I think!!!!!

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Default Re: Yamaha outboard paint

I can tell you this even with automotive paint you still wont get a good match due to the metalic finish, We repaint the whole motor mostly with base coat/clear coat, You can paint the hood and pans with out the middle it will come out ok or if its the lower you can use the V Max dark blue looks good.
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Default RE: Yamaha outboard paint

I too would like very much to find a good source for paint for my 2003 F90 Yamaha. I would like to repaint the lower unit. I have a spray gun and compressor or could use spray cans if necessary. Yes I think Yamaha could do better in this. thanks from macon, ga
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Default paint match

for yamaha 1999 225 hp color code 004D USE DUPONT 787216-K base coat clear-awesome match guys
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Got to make sure you get the right paint color, i did some touch up work on my 2002 hpdis this spring and they look great,color matched anything else, you have to know what your doing though.spray paint is no different.I know guys that could spray a new cadillac with a can and you wouldnt know the difference.

a good mechanic NEVER blames his tools
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Default Outboard Repainting

I didnt want to use any of the spray can products on my motor again, I've used them before and it does'nt macht and looks terrible, so I found a local shop here in miami that paints outboards. You can find them on the web.

They have all of the factory colors, So you could probably call and ask them to sell you the paint they use for your motor. Thats going to be you best bet to get the right color and quality.

Good Luck.
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