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Ordered a couple more things for the boat today. I have a custom helm ebox on the way from boatoutfitters and got a boat show deal on a Lowrance Link-8 from the gpsstore. Still need a few more parts but I'm on track to have this thing finished before summer. Last night I spent some time scouring THT for the Yellow wake up wire issue since no one is responding... I think I have it figured out, though the diagrams for the sonarhub3d show an option for the yellow wire to be fused when connected to the HDS, nothing else does. It appears that the yellow wire from the hds sends a wake up voltage which is minimal to any accessories connected to it kind of acting as a switch and the main power still comes from the DC + for the specific device which will be fused. Please correct me if my understanding of this is wrong. I'm also eyeing the rigid marine dually flood or the Aurora flood that THTer SaltySun is selling. Has anyone ran either?