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Originally Posted by Capt. Ahab View Post
Thanks for all the recommendations. I'd love after some big yellowfin. whats the fishing style out there? Live bait? Trolling? I'd like to do some standup style jigging or popping with artificials if possible. Bringing my own gear is no problem.
The boats I referenced all troll, will catch live bait first thing, but trolling is predominant in the summer months, blind strikes are most common type of action, hence the reason for trolling. If they find porpoise they will most likely then put out live bait or if the buoys are holding fish.

Tackle= big, 80's-130's, when the grander shows up in the spread almost everyone wants a shot and believes that is your only chance (fight fish either from chair or rod holder). If shibis/mahis at the buoys, they will drop down in gear size, but only then.

As far as jigging/popping, I don't think these guys will want to do that this time of year. There is an Oio (bonefish) charter don't know their name, sure you could do a search, seen some of their vidieos, they do pretty good on some very respectable bonefish. I recently saw a another video of some Oahu guys surface popping for uluas (GT's), they got some very large fish, they may run charters as well, sorry no help on finding them. Link...

I would think if you just contact most of the charters one of them will be able recommend someone that will get you what you want. We troll nothing bigger than 50's and all stand up, originally (late '80's) most people thought we were pretty naive, but we get most fish to leader may be a little tougher, now they accept it.


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