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Originally Posted by Capt. Ahab View Post
I have the opportunity to go to Honolulu for the first full week in June with my wife's family. I've never been to Hawaii (great offshore fishing in my backyard at Cape Hatteras). From what I've heard, Kona is the big deal out there, but I figure there's probably decent fishing at all the islands. Can anyone fill me in on the fishing seasons and what the good bite is at that time of year? I'd also appreciate charter boat recommendations, and an idea of what a typical charter should cost. The 100-fathom curve is just a few miles offshore so I have to imagine it's cheaper to run the boat there than on the East Coast. This is specifically for Oahu; I will not have the chance to visit the other islands when I'm out there. Thanks guys.
Capt. Ahab,

SEASON: early June can be good for Onos (Wahoo), especially around the full moon, Ahis (YFT's) typically make their early showing in May/June first off the Leeward Coast and head up North then over to the windward side, but who knows. Then with the waters full of life, Big Blues can always show up, as well especially around the full moon. Now that I made it sound like you will be here during a good time of year, please don't have your hopes up too high, this winter has been far from typical from a normal cycle of fish.

If you are staying in town/Waikiki then Magic out of Kewalo Basin, is closest to you, those guys have quite a reputation. Live Bait out of Waianae Small Boat Harbor, slips down from me (a little bit of a distance from Waikiki), this is typically the area the ahis first show up in May/June, but who knows. Then you could head out to the country, Chupu Charters Hale'Iwa, North Shore furthest of the 3 from Waikiki (he runs a few boats out of there). There are plenty of other good boats, these 3 outfits are solid operations. PLEASE!!! make sure you talk to them in advance to make sure everyone is on the same page (they know what you expect and you know what they are going to do for you). They all have websites.

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