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I have looked into other options for that fuse box and it appears that I could go with a Blue Sea SafetyHub 150 to allow for a larger fuse for the panel. However, I did review a few of the other threads that pointed me in the right direction for the re wire and it appears that pretty much everyone is using a 30A fuse going to their main panel. Once my power draw spreadsheet is completed with all the actual components I will calculate what the max power draw would be on initial start of those components as well as max after its been turned on (after initial surge) and see what the max Amp draw could potentially be and go from there.

On that note, none of my drawings show the yellow wake up runs from most of the lowrance components and my understanding of them is that they can be terminated on a common bus, connect to a switch (I don't have room for this on my panel), or connect to a single termination point. My original plan was to have the HDS 9 control the sonichub2, structurescan3D module and the 4G radar connecting them on a common bus or single termination point. However, the structurescan3D module also has this yellow wakeup line fused as well as the red power feed... so does everyone just leave the inline fuse on the wakeup line? or is there a better way to utilize the wakeup feature without it being switched and still leave it fused?