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gfakkema to answer your questions I have reviewed a lot of other re wire posts and the consensus seems to be to only have your main leads connected directly to the battery, everything else that needs a 24hr circuit and charging loop should be connected at the battery side of the switch. Basically still connected "at the battery" just not connected directly to the posts.

I would never run everything on my panel at once, but if for whatever reason I did the power draw of all the items should be below the 30A fuse from the box they also each have their own breakers which could be much smaller but New Wire Marine installed the breakers on my panel and I believe they opt on the higher side as they do not know the specific equipment you will be running.

For your last question the charger is not hooked up to the motor, though from the drawing it does appear that way since the leads are not split. I should probably go back and fix that to make it more clear. I could have probably left the lead from the motor red however it is also connected to the alternator on the motor which provides charging to the batteries, at least that's my understanding of it.
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