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Default Re: How do I Catch a Walleye?

I fish the central basin in Lake Erie for Walleye, perch, and trout. In the central basin we normally get a nicer fish than the western basin, and normally use Dipsy Divers for the walleye. We normally use stinger spoons, or double blade willow leaves with worms and troll. The Western basin guys usually drift and use spinner baits like erie dearies. In the spring the western guys jig with swedish pimples tipped with emarld shiners (minnows) on the reefs to catch the spawning walleyes. As the summer progresses the Walleye migrate east ward and we have been doing very well on them. As an example, I was out yesterday from ashtabula Ohio, and we caught 17 Walleyes fishing time was about 3 hours, It was just me and my wife, and our 3 boys ages 3,4, and 8 - the fishing that we do for these does require some muscle because of the equipment that we use - kids were of no help. Most of these were around 22-23 inches with one at 31". The smaller ones are better to eat. I would be willing to share a lot of information with you if want my phone # send me an message in this website. Me and my brothers have fished Lake Michigan, Ontario, and Erie alot and can give you some good information. PS if you want the best steelhead trout fishing in the world, we have it right here in Northeast Ohio - no kidding.
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