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Default Plumbing Question Sinks smell in AM.

I got a question, I am sure one of you can help with, I build houses, I have a customer who is complaining that his master sinks smell in of sewer gas in the am when they are fisrt turned on, I have asked them to let me smell the odor, and sure enough it comes out of the overflow hole in the sink. It only will do it one time w/ the initial running of water. I thought maybe the overflows were defective on the sinks, so we replaced the sinks, My customers wife who is rather difficult said this would not fix the problem. The problem came back. The odd part is my customer did not complain for about 2 months or so again, Which makes me wonder? She has never liked her granite selection, and they are the type who want something for free. Anyhow, he is on my back about it again, and I do not have a solution. The traps are holding plenty of water, they are not being sucked dry, the vent is clear as far as we know, One plumber has suggested we switch to metal traps, as the plastic holds bacteria he claims, I have not tried this yet, I was wondering about a deeper trap, if the trap is holding water in theory, can sewer gas or smell migrate through it? I am out of fixes. I need help
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