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Originally Posted by Corndog38 View Post
I found several rolls of film in my Grandpa's shop when he passed. Decided to get them developed. They came out fine. Turns out they were shot by my Dad in high school and college some 35yrs prior. When I told my Dad about them, he nearly went into a panic. I reassured him there were none rated X or R, just some PG13. I gave them to him to go through before I showed anyone else. He released them for general viewing.

Whole family had fun with them.

In another case, a guest at my house left and forgot their camera. Called me and asked if I could look for it. I found it. Before I sent it to them, I gifted them with some "creative photography" and burned up the whole roll that was in it. Packed it off and sent it. Again, nothing R or X. But pushed it.

Got a call a couple weeks later. All they said was that they would never forget their camera again!!


Been guilty of that myself once. At a family get together yrs ago my SIL, major biotch, had a Kodak disposable party camera passed around. So after a lot of beers, the only way to go to her house, I decided to take the camera into the bathroom for a whizzzz to show I can point and shoot with both hands at the same time.
Never did hear about that film.