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Default Mystery Pictures

So, last weekend was what we call a " snow day" here (temps in the 40's).

Needed something to do so I started cleaning up some things around the house.

I came across a roll of 35mm film that was in a camera I found about 15 years ago on the west coast here in Fl. , Treasure Island I think.

Tried our best to find the owner but no go. It was an inexpensive Olympus point and shoot.

I think I gave the camera to one of the kids years ago.

So, to get to the point of my post, I'm wondering what's on the roll of film. But I don't want to show up at Walgreens with the police waiting for me if the camera belonged to a freakin child molester.
With social media today, it would be cool to get the photo's back to the owners if they're family vacation shots. I know I would be thrilled.

Bring them in or drop it in the trash and move on?
I'm really curious though!

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