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Originally Posted by OurSomeday View Post
I'm in technical consulting, though it's more automation/integration than pure IT.

Networking, end of story.

If you know someone, even if it's just a mutual acquaintance who will vouch for you, you are way ahead of your competition.

Oh, and keep your rates high enough to be taken seriously. .
This is good advice. And I would say that if you have been working in your field for 10 years, and dont have someone that will hire you, you may not have the right skills.

I got started from linkedining some of my old project contacts.

Plus, you need to figure out what you are selling. I don't really know anyone who wants to buy hours, but I do know a few who are willing to pay nicely for solutions. Once again, if you look at the scope of a project and can't come up with a number, it may not be for you. It's far better to pass on something that you are not a good fit for, that to take it on and struggle. Your good name is really all that you have, and you do not want to damage it.
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