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I'm in technical consulting, though it's more automation/integration than pure IT.

Networking, end of story.

Recruiters can help sometimes but it's a numbers game. For every recruiter that has a solid lead with access to the principal you'll have 4 others that are throwing resumes against the wall hoping one will stick. If you get a project it'll pay less than a direct client would, but is sometimes worth taking to get in with the client so you can later pick up projects directly.

If you know someone, even if it's just a mutual acquaintance who will vouch for you, you are way ahead of your competition.

Oh, and keep your rates high enough to be taken seriously. There's plenty of boot camp certificate hacks willing to fight to be the cheapest. You want the premium jobs, not the low end work, so keep your rates in the top third of your field and push the "premium talent isn't cheap" angle. You'll be much happier in the long run and if you have the skills to back up the hype you'll have no problem staying busy.
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