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Nice report, sounds like you guys had a good day. I got a really late start to the day, didn't hit the dock till 10a. I headed straight out to 8a, this trip was solely to run the engine and put kings in the boat for the smoker. 8a must've turned on a bit later because there were about 30 commercial king boats and everyone was catching. I put the first line out, and am getting the second ready when the first takes off, 20lb king. Five minutes later I have another 15lb or so, perfect sizes for the smoker. Caught on manns stretch 30 one red head, and one blue. It wouldn't have mattered today, you could've caught them on a banana. Caught one more for the fun off it, and called it for kings. Ran into a poorly formed weed line just NE of 8a and played with about 20 small triple tail, a few smaller size keepers in the school but I only hooked the undersize ones. Headed in and at about 55 feet, my fish finder lights up. It was a massive school of sand/sugar trout. I break out the bigger size Sabiki and end up keeping five of those, but I could've kept 100, they were feeding like crazy. The five I kept were 14 to 15". Pretty good day and I was off the water and back home just after 1p. Sorry I didn't get ahold of you guys on the radio, this was a last second trip for me and I didn't see the pm till just now. I don't have a handle but Texas will work for next time. On a side note, there were a lot of boats working the cans midday, and I heard limits were all caught off the radio, I'm assuming it was all triple tail.
Gonna try to post a pic in a bit, I can't figure out how to do this on off my I phone.
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