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Default Nautical Literature

Call me old fashioned, a dinosaur, etc., but I watch very little TV, and even fewer movies. I prefer to read, with a liking for maritime history and maritime novels. A recent thread got me to thinking that there is probably a huge volume of stuff out there, good stuff, that I could dig into if I knew about it. So, I will harness the power of THT:

What maritime/nautical type books/articles/literature have you read that you liked?

Some of mine:

Moby Dick - Herman Melville
The Old Man & The Sea - Ernest Hemingway
All of Zane Gray's stuff
Two Years Before The Mast - Richard Henry Dana, Jr.
A Pirate Looks at Fifty - Jimmy Buffet (well, its sort of Nautical, he is a local boy made good, and his life is pretty darn entertaining)

That's a start, anyhow.

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