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Originally Posted by bayrunner16 View Post
Sorry for the dumb question guys, but are these like an AR build where you basically are just assembling the weapon or is there a degree of machining and or metal work that needs to be done to finish these 1911s?

If one can build an AR without too much trouble, would this be in the same ballpark?

You can assemble the parts, but they ALWAYS need some fit and finish work. Yes, it's like an AR, but everything is 4x the price. 1911s are EXPENSIVE!!!

If you would like to learn the history of custom 1911s, it surprisingly does NOT start with Saint John Moses Browning. Move forward a couple of decades to a brilliant adventurist in Kalifornika called Armand Swenson. In addition to being the first gunsmith to customize 1911s, he was also involved in racing speed boats. Yeah, he would have fit in well right here on THT.

Working on 1911s is at least as much art as it is science. For example, in the vast world of 1911s, rattle = reliable.

Though Armand has passed, his nephew John Jardine is keeping Armand's spirit alive. And he's still working in kalifornika. Many others are keeping Armand's spirit alive, too.

If you really wanna learn the magic of 1911s, take this course: