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Originally Posted by budbrande View Post
Had some time today to mess with a few of my 1911 pistols. I finally got a chance last week to try out my S&W PC1911 and must say it has me pretty spoiled. One of the best feeling triggers I have ever felt on a 1911 pistol.

On Sunday I decided to order all new matched parts and gut my Taurus and see just how close I could get to the S&W. Today I spent a couple of hours fitting and testing all the parts and have to say, it came out pretty good! I already had the Cylinder and Slide Lightweight Videki trigger and had swapped out the springs for Wilson Combat parts but today I did a Cylinder and Slide Tactical 2 Match 4lb set trigger pull. New hammer, sear, disconnector, hammer spring, and light pull sear spring as well as the Cylinder and slide Tactical Match extended hammer strut and new pins.

Everything went together nicely with a minimum of work. I did a little polishing prior to assembly and once completed it felt like a new gun. Getting ready to replace the grips with a set of VZ Operators II and then plan to give it another workout to see how it performs.

Finally, a little gun porn becuae I know everyone loves pictures!
How are you digging the external extractor on the S&W? I have a couple of Sigs with it and love it and they have been trouble free for thousands of rounds. I can't say that for the internals on my range queens.