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Originally Posted by tprice View Post
I have to get credit for so many hours of Income Tax every year and I also have a couple other things I do for my Teen Driving School

Just curious if others see this but seems EVERY class has some of the same type of folks in it

1-The ONE person that sits and asks question after question and gets WAY OFF topic . Normally this person sits right on the front row

2-The person that gets up every 30 minutes to go out in lobby and talk on cell phone for 30 minutes

3-The person that WANTS to hear their self talk and is ALWAYS talking about the "issues THEY always have in their practice/business . Normally this one is sitting near person type # 1

4-Always seems you have that ONE guy that tries to talk to people near him and has one of those voices that can not do it quietly . Almost sounds like drone of an engine with dual exhaust

5-Seems always have that one person that thinks THEY KNOW MORE than the speaker and want everyone to know that and thinks the "the powers that be" really gives a crap about how THEY would do things if it were UP TO THEM . Always has ALL the anwers too . Also wants to ARUGE WITH EVERY THING (wasting time )

6-Sometimes end up a table with a person that wants to sit and talk about everything to you while the instructor is talking

Boy I know I am in a bitching mood but we had a room full of these yesterday and today . 4 more hours and I am OUT OF HERE

Absolutely spot on assessment of any assemblage of adult students I have ever been in.
I've never seen it in writing, but it needs to be attached to every syllabus...

Well done!