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I had forward seating in my last Cape Horn 31XS. I went back and forth before the purchase of the boat. A lot of hard core fishing guys want to make it sound like if you get a boat with forward seating you are a lesser person. I can say after having the boat for over a year and a half it was great. I wouldn't change a thing.

The forward seating on the CH31XS provided more storage space but the most important thing is it made it super easy for us to use every inch of the whole boat. In big center consoles it is a pain in the ass to work the anchor or to use the front of the boat for sight casting or getting up on the bow to throw a net.

The front seating on the 31XS made it just two steps and you were standing on the bow over the anchor locker.

People that were on the boat were constantly going up to the bow and back and forth with no problem.

On the times where we would cruise (and I had 14 people on my boat at one time) everyone had a seat. The front bow had cushions we could move off or on depending if we were fishing or cruising. It really made it truly a more versatile boat having forward seating.

Don't let hard core fishing guys diss on forward seating. It serves a purpose and for how I used my boat fishing 50% and then cruising 50% it was great. If all you did was fished, where you are 90% fish and 10% cruise then ok, don't get forward seating.

That's my take on it. Cheers.
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