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Originally Posted by Cracker View Post
Rear seating is more comfy but front seating generally allows more people to gather. We utilize forward seating a lot in my family but I don't beat people up or run real fast, generally 22 to 25 mph... My Sailfish 2360 CC fits the bill

I am not hard core fisherman but mine still fishes we'll, never an issue. I never understood the big hang up about no forward seating crowd. As far as the bean bag seating option it is comfy but generally you can't see over the side of the boat, so that suxs...
Cracker hit the nail on the head! Both offshore boats I had, my wife refused to use the bean bags although they were comfy, just for the simple fact that she couldn't see over the sides. Now that I have a bay boat, everybody loves the bean bags when we are island hopping or heading to grab a bite to eat.